End-of-Year Teacher Gifts to Celebrate Summer Break

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End-of-Year Teacher Gifts to Celebrate Summer Break

As we approach the end of the school year, finding the perfect teacher gift is on the minds of grateful and appreciative parents. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a thoughtful token or a creative gesture that captures the spirit of summer, we’ve got you covered. Our team has plenty of ideas that will make teachers feel celebrated as they get ready for a well-deserved vacation. From practical gifts to personalized items that reflect sunny adventures ahead, we have some inspiring suggestions to brighten your teacher's day. Given that Teachers on Call’s online and in-person tutors are also elementary and high school teachers, we have the inside scoop on what educators really need and want! Here are our top picks for gifts to help teachers unwind and recharge during their summer break, ensuring they start the back-to-school season refreshed!

As summer break approaches, you might find yourself thinking about shopping, especially when it comes to finding the ideal gift for your child’s teacher. No need to worry, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Our in-person and online tutoring team at Teachers on Call is composed of elementary and secondary teachers who are here to provide expert advice on choosing the perfect appreciation gift. For families who enjoyed our teacher appreciation guide last June, we're expanding upon it with additional ideas this year. We’ve curated a range of thoughtful gift ideas for elementary and high school teachers to simplify your shopping (with Canadian flair of course!). These gift ideas are perfect for both individual presents or group gifts on behalf of the entire class, ideal for teachers, early childhood educators, principals, vice principals, and office staff alike.

Teacher Gifts to Accessorize with Style

Accessories make a great choice for teacher gifts due to their versatility, affordability, and ability to add a fun and personalized touch. Whether it's a pair of sunglasses or flip flops, accessories can easily match a teacher's personality and style. 

Eco Totes

We know for a fact that teachers love reusable tote bags. That’s why our team are big fans of Redwood Classics x Preloved Pan-Am Games Collection  made from upcycled materials, including the Kia knapsack and Pachi produce bag set. This idea is perfect for teachers working in eco schools who are conscious of reducing their environmental footprint.

If a classroom parent has access to a Cricut machine, you can design your own personalized teacher tote with a fun or motivational message.

Inspirational Jewellery

For a personal touch for the teacher who loves a little glam, check out Foxy Originals Teacher Collection with their ‘Live Love Teach’ bar necklace, 'Inspire' charm bangle, or teacher charm necklace (available in gold or silver). With affordable price points ranging from $20 - $30, jewellery also comes with a cute card that is ready for gifting. Eco-friendly teachers will also value their recycling program for well-loved Foxy pieces, ensuring they can refresh their collection while contributing positively to the environment.

Teacher Gifts for Bookworms

Summer Reading Material

It’s no secret that teachers LOVE to read (and this is not only English teachers!). If you are looking to personalize your gift, you can aim to pick out a title for your teacher to pass the summer months.

We love summer themed books, especially from Canadian authors like Toronto’s Lily Chu and Carley Fortune. You can also opt to find reading material that connects to your teacher’s subject specialty like math and science themed books. It’s always wise to include a gift receipt, just in case!

Teachers also love to refresh their personal libraries to enjoy with their families and students. If looking for some inspiring picture and middle great books, check out this list from Penguin Random House

Trusty Gift Cards

You can also never go wrong with a gift card to your local independent bookstore. Indigo is also a great teacher favourite with locations across Canada. We are also loving their teacher-themed gift cards with a lovely message and picture.

Reading Accessories

Reading accessories make a fantastic teacher gift, enhancing their love of literature and enriching their reading experience with every turn of the page.
From bookmarks to book lights, these thoughtful items are practical and fun. Another fantastic addition to their reading accessories would be Mabel’s Labels, especially their personalized book stamps. 

Teacher Gifts to Stay Cool and Hydrated

As temperatures climb, consider helping your child’s teacher stay hydrated with refreshing drinks and snacks. Here are a few of our favourite ideas.

Refreshing Beverages

Iced drinks are the perfect complement to a hot day. Sipology’s fizzy matcha sours and naturally sweet tea sticks are very convenient for on-the-go, so great to take while on vacation, at the cottage, or going out to summer patios. We particularly value the grab-and-go ease of individually packaged servings.

Ice Cream or Gelato Gift Cards

A gift card for ice cream or gelato makes a refreshing teacher gift, offering them a sweet treat to enjoy during the warm summer months. Support local with small businesses like Drama Cream, delivering craft ice cream to your door throughout the Greater Toronto Area (Ajax / Pickering, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan). Check out mouth-watering options like banana split and summer strawberry.

Baskin Robbins is another great option, and you are sure to find a convenient location near you with 115 retail stores in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

Everyone has a favourite flavour like Jamoca Almond Fudge, Pink Bubblegum and Gold Medal Ribbon, just to name a few. Yum yum!

Teacher Gifts to Honour National Indigenous History Month

The final month of school coincides with National Indigenous History Month, which presents a great opportunity to give an Indigenous inspired teacher gift.

Solstice Coffee

Coffee lovers will not want to miss Saskatoon based Solstice Coffee. From farm to cup, Solstice Coffee, represents a fully Indigenous supply chain. Available for purchase online.

Indigenous Box

Consider gift-giving with Indigenous products with offerings like the Summer Break Delight or Summer Solstice curated basket from Indigenous Box. This gift is not only meaningful and unique, but also supports Indigenous artists and businesses with a generational impact. Enjoy delicacies like Solstice Coffee (see above), Bangin’ Bannock with Parentau’s gourmet Saskatoon berry jam, as well as insights from Bob Joseph’s “21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act” in these bespoke gift boxes.

Teacher Gifts that Say Thank You

From firsthand experience, we understand that there's no better gift than expressing genuine appreciation and gratitude. Teachers cherish heartfelt gifts that can stand alone or complement any of the suggestions mentioned above.

Homemade Treats

If you and your child(ren) enjoy baking, teachers always appreciate homemade treats and snacks (just make sure they're nut-free to be safe).

Personalized Cards

Teachers appreciate personalized cards, often keeping them as cherished mementos. Explore Gry Mattr accessories at Staples including their teacher inspired line (available in-store), featuring teacher thank you cards, notebooks, and pen packs. For those who enjoy DIY projects, crafting a heartfelt card with a personalized message for your child's teacher is a wonderful gesture. Using a Cricut machine can help you create a uniquely memorable and customized card that will undoubtedly be treasured for years.


We hope these ideas spark inspiration for your teacher appreciation gifts. Remember, it's the sentiment behind the gesture that truly matters. Happy gift-giving!

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