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Teachers on Call offers personalized in-person and online tutoring for elementary and high-school students in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada. Tutoring is available in all subjects and grades from kindergarten to grade 12.

Trusted by Parents & Students for over 35 Years.

Our tutors are educators who understand school expectations, relate well with students and parents, and have the flexibility to work with your family's active schedule. Teachers on Call strives to help students build academic skills, develop better study habits, improve self-confidence, and achieve success in school and life.  

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Our Approach to Tutoring

We work together to develop a customized tutoring program that is flexible to meet your child’s educational needs.

  • One-on-one support designed to maximize students’ learning experience
  • Tutoring geared to your family’s schedule in the convenience of your home
  • Focus on learning expectations in the classroom and your child’s specific needs
  • Emphasis on communication by keeping parents and students aware of progress

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Our Tutors are Professional Teachers | Teachers on Call | Toronto Tutors

Our Tutors are Professional Teachers

Our practice is to hire professional teachers who are highly qualified in their subject areas and up to date with the provincial curriculum across Canada, including the Ontario Curriculum and Ministry guidelines.  The Teachers on Call team is comprised of patient, knowledgeable and achievement-orientated tutors with a passion for learning.

The Teachers on Call team includes teachers certified by their province, including the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), retired teachers and teacher candidates completing their degrees in the Faculty of Education.

We thoroughly screen each candidate through a background check review and in-depth interview.

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Our tutors offer support in all subjects and grades including homework support, enrichment, and special education strategies.

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We provide provincial curriculum-based, grade-level tutoring for elementary and high school students from kindergarten to grade 12.

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Our team is proud to be recognized in our community for our dedication to providing high quality tutoring services over the last 35 years.

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