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Teachers on Call offers tutoring in Math for elementary and secondary students in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada. Read our blog to learn more about Math tutoring and support to gain tips and suggestions on how to help students succeed in their Math courses, as well as develop a lifelong understanding and appreciation for it.

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Tutoring Students in Math

Since our start in 1984, Math tutoring has always been one of our most popular requests for remediation, enrichment, and everything in-between.

Feedback we consistently receive throughout the years is that working with an experienced Math tutor with a solid foundation teaching the Ontario Curriculum makes a tremendous difference for students to excel and thrive. 

Does your child need Math support? We can help. 

Our experienced tutors offer personalized Math support for elementary and high school students.

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Math Tutoring for Elementary Students

This includes primary, middle and intermediate grades, covering kindergarten and grade 1 up to grade 8 Math. Elementary students benefit from engaging activities to support knowledge, concepts and skills covered at school from the Ontario Curriculum.

This includes number recognition, counting, shapes and measurements, algebra, geometry, basic arithmetic and subtraction, simple multiplication and division, fractions, and financial literacy.

Students often require additional support developing skills in problem solving, reasoning and selecting overall tools and strategies to succeed in their Math courses. 

Math Tutoring for High School Students

This includes intermediate and senior levels from grade 9 Mathematics all the way to grade 12 Calculus and Vectors, Data Management and Advanced Functions. Secondary students benefit from  additional support to understand concepts and principles covered in class to complete homework, and prepare for tests and exams.

Students find it advantageous to get additional support to understand core concepts related to number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis, linear and quadratic functions, parabolas and their properties, as well as probability and statistics.

Mathematical skills acquired in elementary grades are developed further for more advanced levels of problem solving, reasoning, reflecting, as well as making connections.

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