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Intermediate Students (Grades 7-10)

Intermediate Student Tutoring | Teachers on Call | GTA Tutors

The intermediate years are integral for students to develop as independent learners and prepare for further studies in years to come.

  • I can’t say enough about how grateful I am. My son and his tutor clicked and it is thrilling to see. He used to complain when I said the tutor is coming but when he hears it now, no complaints just pure happiness. I think it is because she really gets him and because he has a complicated learning profile, her experience, knowledge and patience are outstanding. Thank you so much!
    - Dara Schwartz, Client

Tutoring for Intermediate Students

Grades 7 - 10   •   Ages 12 - 15

In the intermediate years, students are striving to excel in core subjects such as English, Math, General Science, French and Social Sciences.  These years are building blocks for higher learning in Grade 11 and 12 when the courses are more advanced.

In addition to curriculum support, students benefit from academic coaching in time management, study and organization skills.

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Intermediate Student Tutoring | Teachers On Call | GTA Tutor

Intermediate Student Success Story

High School Success: Grade 9 Student Builds Better Organizational Skills & Study Habits

High School Success: Grade 9 Student Builds Better Organizational Skills & Study Habits

One of the hardest parts of starting high school is learning to manage your time on your own. With the help of his Teachers on Call tutor, this grade 9 students was able to take control of his own learning, and excel.

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