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The primary years in a student's educational journey is a time to master basics in reading, writing and numeracy and build a foundation for future success.

  • We love Teachers on Call! My girls were having some difficulty with grades 9 and 12 math and needed help. Their tutor is amazing and they have both increased their grades as a result. I would highly recommend them.
    - Audrey Natale, Client

Tutoring for Primary Students

Grades K - 3   •   Ages 4 - 8

Positive early learning experiences with a caring kindergarten or elementary school tutor can have a profound and lasting impact on your child's long-term development. Proactive support in primary years provides the foundation for a successful school career with remediation or enrichment support.

Tutoring for primary students focuses on enabling kindergarten to Grade 3 children to build basic skills in reading, writing and math to master the curriculum for their specific grade levels and future years to come.

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Primary Student Tutoring | Teachers On Call | Toronto Tutoring

Primary Student Success Story

Elementary School Success: Grade 1 Student Improves Reading & Comprehension

Elementary School Success: Grade 1 Student Improves Reading & Comprehension

After five months with his Teachers on Call tutor, this grade one student advanced six levels in reading, and improved his self-confidence too.

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