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Teachers on Call believes in contributing to the communities in which we live.

We are proud to support a wide range of educational initiatives and programs.

Our signature sponsorship is the Corsage Project, a community-based program in partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada, dedicated to giving the authentic prom experience to financially deserving high-school students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to celebrate.

The Corsage Project | Teachers On Call | GTA Tutor

The Corsage Project

Working with underprivileged and special-needs youth throughout her career in Toronto high schools, Rhona Sallay, founder of Teachers on Call, saw firsthand the evolution of prom from a simple celebration of an important milestone to a costly event. This placed unnecessary financial pressure on students, many who were working hard at school and at part-time jobs to help support their families.

Rhona was determined to even the playing field by ensuring that no student was denied the opportunity to celebrate the achievement of high school graduation because of cost and founded the Corsage Project with one of her colleagues. Since 2010, our President Joanne Sallay has volunteered her time as the Executive Chair of The Corsage Project, helping thousands of students involved with the child welfare system and with financial need by removing barriers associated with the prom experience.

Our team of tutors at Teachers on Call is also proud to lead an annual volunteer service team at the Boutique Ball for National Volunteer Month.

The Corsage Project Community Award

As the Corsage Project continued to grow, Joanne and Rhona recognized the opportunity to assist participants beyond event day. Teachers on Call became the founding partner of their scholarship program, which is one of our proudest accomplishments.

Scholarship Program

Post-secondary education is the single most important resource a young person can access on his or her path to a life of stability, opportunity, and success and we wanted our Corsage participants to have the tools to build a bright future.

These annual scholarships are awarded to Corsage participants who have exhibited leadership in their communities and who are continuing on to higher learning at university or college. The scholarship program was created to foster and nurture the spirit of volunteerism and to help recipients continue on their educational path.

The Corsage has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Children’s Aid Foundation Community Partner Award.

The Corsage Project

Scholarship Program | Teachers On Call | GTA Tutor

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