Tutoring for Elementary & High School Students

Elementary & High School Tutoring | Teachers On Call | GTA Tutors

Teachers on Call assists elementary and high school students to strengthen thinking and learning skills, improve confidence, and achieve academic success.

Tutoring for All Grade Levels

Our tutors provide dedicated support in all subjects and grades from kindergarten to grade 12. They are professional teachers who are highly specialized in their subject areas, current with their provincial curriculum and have direct experience working with students.

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Overview Ages & Grade Levels | Teachers on Call

Primary | Grades K - 3

Teachers on Call tutors help our young learners jumpstart their academic success by helping them master the basics of reading, writing and numeracy from an early age. 

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Junior | Grades 4 - 6

We assist junior level students with language, mathematics, French and homework support. In addition, we also help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

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Intermediate | Grades 7 - 10

With the help of our tutors, intermediate students build a stronger foundation in key subjects including Math, Science, English, Social Science and French. Students also benefit from support with study skills, time management and organizational strategies. 

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Senior | Grades 11 - 12

Tutoring for high school students is focused on helping teenagers achieve academic results as they apply to university or college. There continues to be a focus on enhancing learning skills and strategies.

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Independent Learning & Online Courses

We assist students who are pursuing independent studies outside of the traditional classroom. This includes online courses, upgrading subject credits or special circumstances to finish courses remotely working along with the school. 

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