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Our team of tutors has a successful track record of delivering personalized special education support and strategies for students with special needs, always taking into consideration each student’s unique learning requirements.

Special Education Strategies for Diverse Learners

Students identified with learning challenges who have unique strengths and needs will benefit from working with competent, caring and patient tutors who understand diverse learning styles and have the tools to accommodate them. We support special needs students diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities in areas such as executive functioning, working memory, written expression and Gifted/LD.

We will carefully select a tutor who has experience supporting students with special needs near you. Our goal is to provide academic coaching to help your child become an independent learner. Our tutors help students achieve this by working together on overall skills in areas such as organization, time management, and test-taking strategies.

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Tutoring Benefits for Students with Special Needs

Overcoming Academic Challenges

For many students with learning disabilities, processing information and keeping pace with their peers can be difficult. They often find themselves in a state of panic or stress when new lessons are designed to build upon previously presented information that they haven't yet mastered.

With one-on-one tailored tutoring, these students have the opportunity to tackle challenging subjects at their own pace, learn strategies for better comprehension of these topics, and prepare to learn related and increasingly complex curriculum.

For students with special needs, tutoring can help provide the space, motivation and moral support necessary to overcome academic hurdles to thrive academically in school and throughout their lives.  

Special Education Support | Teachers on Call | GTA Tutor

Self-Advocacy Skills

When students work with a trusted tutor who understands special needs and their unique learning style, they start to become more comfortable asking questions when they don't understand the subject matter. This is because they know their needs will be met in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.

As a result, this improvement in communication skills often extends into the classroom as well. When students feel comfortable asking for help when they need it, this decreases the academic barriers they experience, helping the learning process to move along more smoothly.

Improved Organization & Study Strategies

In addition to subject-specific support, our tutors focus on helping to improve student organization, planning and learning skills, which are building blocks to academic success across all subject areas.

We accomplish this by working with our students on skills related to executive functioning, organization and time management, studying, planning, note-taking, task initiation and completion.

Collaborative Educational Partnerships

At the parents' request, tutors can connect with the classroom teacher, psychologist or other education professionals to help bridge the gap between home and school. Our tutors have direct experience working with students with learning challenges, and have the ability to review and follow recommendations from IEPs and psychoeducational reports.

This collaborative team approach ensures that the student is supported consistently and effectively in all learning environments. There is a common goal in place that has everyone working together towards the student's academic success!

Supportive Learning Environment

One-on-one tutoring offers an unparalleled learning environment and experience under the guidance of a patient educator. With a combination of individualized attention and fewer opportunities for distractions, students are better able to focus on learning. 

Tutoring is an excellent option to encourage student learning, as tutors can provide instant feedback to help students work through their challenges then celebrate their problem solving and achievements. This caring and nurturing approach can have a tremendous impact on learning opportunities for students with special needs.

Improved Independence & Responsibility

Tutoring provides students with strong study habits and strategies to be successful in their courses and encourages them to take responsibility and become independent learners. This will help play a key role for students in a successful transition across various educational stages from elementary school, middle school, high school and ultimately to college or university.

The ability to plan ahead, meet deadlines, and build routines are all valuable long-term skills that tutoring encourages and benefits students for the rest of their lives both academically as well as professionally.

Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

Interacting regularly with a trusted adult, outside the immediate family, who understands distinct learning styles can help to bring students with special needs out of their shells. Sometimes what we see as a learning struggle is really an issue of confidence. This is especially prevalent with core subjects like English, math, and science.

Having a connection with a patient tutor who can encourage your child, as well as explain how concepts can be seen from a different lens can make a tremendous impact on their attitude and enjoyment of learning. Many students experience improved confidence in their capabilities and knowledge, resulting in enhanced classroom participation and academic performance.

Engagement for Gifted & Gifted/LD Students

While gifted students are known to be intellectually advanced, they may face various learning challenges throughout their academic journeys. High-performing and gifted learners often struggle to feel engaged in the classroom in a meaningful way. This can result in boredom and feelings of discouragement.

Giftedness can be exhibited in different ways including Gifted/LD. Students who have been diagnosed as gifted but also have a learning disability may face a wide range of academic challenges due to the discrepancy between their intellectual talents and their academic performance.

Tutoring can provide these bright students with the additional educational outlets and supports they need to get excited about learning and allow them to move forward at a pace that suits their academic style to achieve their full potential.

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