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Bonjour and hello! Teachers on Call offers tutoring support for students in Core French, Extended French, and French Immersion programs. Many of our students continue their French education through grade 12 to receive an official Certificate of Achievement in Core French, Certificate of Bilingual Studies, or Honours Certificate of Bilingual Studies. 

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Tutoring Students in French

Since our start in 1984, French tutoring has always been an ongoing request for students of all ages for remediation, enrichment, and everything in-between. French is one of Canada’s two official languages taught in all elementary and secondary schools.

We regularly receive praise from families that support from an engaging French tutor with experience teaching in French programs makes a significant difference for students in their journey learning French as an additional language (especially when French is not spoken at home).

Does your child need French support? We can help.

Our engaging tutors offer personalized French support for elementary and secondary students in Core French, Extended French, and French Immersion programs. 

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French Tutoring for Students in Core French Programs

Studying French is a mandatory part of the Ontario Curriculum. For many students in English programs, Core French often begins in grade 1 or grade 4 and is studied throughout elementary school to grade 8.

When students enter high school, there is a compulsory requirement to take a minimum of 1 French course as a Second Language to graduate and receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Most secondary students will complete this French requirement in grade 9, and for those who want to continue their French education, courses are offered to grade 12.

French tutoring for students in Core French programs is helpful for assisting with homework completion, deciphering instructions, increasing vocabulary, and practicing oral communication. Students who relocate to a new school board and require catch-up help or want enrichment without enrolling in more intensive French programs benefit from our personalized approach.

French Tutoring for Students in Extended French Programs

Extended French programs are an opportunity for students interested in more in-depth French education with less intensity than French Immersion. The entry grade depends on the English-language school board, and not all offer this program. Many elementary students will begin in grade 4, 5 or 7.

In Extended French at the elementary level, students learn French as a subject and take a minimum of one other subject instructed in French with at least 25% of the school day taught with French instruction. In high school, students must early a total of seven credits in French by taking four French language courses and three courses in other subjects with French instruction.

Tutoring for students in Extended French programs is especially helpful when the language is not spoken at home and support is needed for other subjects taught in French like math and science. 

French Tutoring for Students in Early, Middle and Late French Immersion Programs

French Immersion programs are optimal for students who do not speak French at home and are interested in becoming bilingual in English and French.

At the elementary level, a minimum of 50% of the school day is taught in French. Entry points and structure of program will be dependent on the school board. Junior Kindergarten or grade 1 is often when students start Early French Immersion, grade 4 for Middle French Immersion and grade 7 for Late French Immersion. For Secondary French Immersion, students must earn a total of ten credits in French by taking four French language courses and six courses in other subjects with French instruction.

Tutoring for students in French Immersion programs is beneficial for homework support, test preparation and oral communication for French language and additional courses taught in French like science and math (especially when families are unable to help). 

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