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Our tutoring philosophy is based on personalized instruction, individual attention, flexibility, ongoing communication, and a focus on results and student success.

We've been recognized as Toronto and Ontario's leading tutorial service.

For three decades, we've been providing professional tutoring services in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada.

Over the years, we've gained a reputation for quality, personalized service and unparalleled results.

Read on below to find out why parents and students alike trust our tutors to help them achieve success, both in the classroom and in life.

Philosophy | Teachers on Call | GTA Tutor

Tutors on Call

We hire professional teachers.

Our practice is to hire teachers certified by their province, including the Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT), retired teachers and teacher candidates completing their degrees in the Faculty of Education. We thoroughly screen each candidate through a background check review and in-person interview. Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject areas and up to date with the Ontario Curriculum and Ministry guidelines.  

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Our tutors travel to you.

Our Teachers on Call tutors come to you. Whether you prefer for your child's tutoring sessions to take place in the comfort of your home, a local library, or on campus at school, we will accommodate your family, and the learning environment that best meets your child's needs. 

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Our tutoring services are tailored to your child's unique learning needs.

Your child's personalized tutoring experience begins with a phone consultation to learn about academic ambitions. We'll place your son or daughter with a tutor who has the subject matter knowledge and personality to match learning requirements.

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We provide one-on-one individualized support.

With a relationship based approach, each tutoring session has a one-on-one ratio with the same tutor. This allows the tutor and student to build a positive, trust-based rapport to support your child's learning.

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We work with your schedule.

Families have busy schedules filled with extracurricular activities and commitments. Our team reviews your availability and offers convenient options to fit your active lifestyle. 

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Above all, we are focused on results.

Our tutors strive to help students build the skills and confidence they require to succeed academically. We help students develop effective study habits and techniques essential for successful life-long learning. 

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