Senior Students (Grades 11-12)

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The senior years are critical to achieve academic success as students get ready to apply to post secondary programs.

  • It's really lovely to see people who love what they do and just as wonderful to have my child as the recipient! Thanks to your whole team of coordinators and educators. 

 PS - my son says "they helped a ton!!"
    - Deanne Kelleher, Client

Tutoring for Senior Students

Grades 11 - 12   •   Ages 16 - 18

In the upper years of high school, students are striving for excellence in key prerequisite courses such as English, Math, Calculus, Advanced Functions, Data Management, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Social Sciences.

In addition to curriculum support, students continue to benefit from academic coaching in overall study skills, project management, and test and exam preparation. The combination of strong curriculum knowledge and development of key skills will help students build a future foundation.

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Tutoring for Senior Students | Teachers on Call | GTA Tutor

Senior Student Success Story

High School Success: Grade 11 Student Learns to Love Math

High School Success: Grade 11 Student Learns to Love Math

A senior high school student struggled with grade 11 math. Over two years of tutoring with her Teachers on Call tutor, she improved her grades by leaps and bounds, and gained enough confidence to enjoy the subject matter.

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