Benefits of Online Tutoring for French Immersion Students

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Benefits of Online Tutoring for French Immersion Students

You might be pleasantly surprised how many advantages there are in utilizing online tutoring for kids in French Immersion programs. Learn more about the benefits below!

Like last school year, the pandemic continues to change how students learn for all subjects, and French education is no exception. Yet even in the best of times, many families shared they were facing several hurdles supporting their child with homework when attending a French as a Second Language school.

While many parents enroll their kids in French programs anticipating they will become fluent and go on to graduate with either an Honours Certificate of Bilingual Studies (Extended French) or an Honours Certificate of Bilingual Studies (French Immersion), they themselves do not speak or have a background in French.

Whether your son or daughter is studying in the Early, Middle or Secondary French Immersion program, or Core/Extended French at the elementary or high-school level, we’ve got you covered. Here is why parents of French Immersion students should consider the benefits of online tutoring (even for a session as short as thirty minutes per week).

Help with deciphering instructions in French

Big projects are worth big marks, so of course you will want your child to do as well as they can on a project, especially one that they may be working on for a long period of time. As every parent knows, though, sometimes the devil can really be in the details. It can be hard for an English-speaking parent to parse the homework instruction sheet that comes home from a French Immersion school with only the help of Google Translate. And especially now with the pandemic, it may be challenging for the student to ask all their questions in the classroom setting.

Not only will an online French tutor be able to assist in translating the instructions accurately, a tutor who is also an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) will be familiar with the Ontario Curriculum and expectations, so everyone will benefit.

Assistance with Math taught in French

If you don’t consider yourself a ‘math wiz’, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle with helping their children with math homework… and that’s often even true when it’s happening in the same language you speak. Math taught in French is a whole different ball game, and an online French tutor may be exactly what you need to ensure that your child is getting the help they need to succeed!

Practice speaking in French

This is particularly true of students who are in remote learning environments. They may not be getting the same amount of practice speaking with their teacher and classmates in French as they would in-person. There are several benefits to spending some time with an online French tutor to get that extra practice conversing in French.

For students who are attending school in-person, they may find additional practice might help with mastery of the language, as well as with communication, enunciation and pronunciation!

Support with French Terminology

Parents who speak a limited amount of French may know enough to ask about homework, or even participate in some conversation. However, they may find themselves out of their depth when it comes to unusual vocabulary and technical aspects navigating areas like science or computing. In this case, Google Translate may not be of help with correct words and usage. Taking advantage of the expertise of an online tutor may help you and your child smooth the way in comprehension, as well as with explanations in the differences in terminology.

We are ready to help your child succeed! If you have any questions about next steps or how online tutoring can best assist your family, please feel free to reach out and contact us. 

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