Discover Spectacular Fireworks, Air Shows, and Drones at Vancouver's Honda Celebration of Light

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Discover Spectacular Fireworks, Air Shows, and Drones at Vancouver's Honda Celebration of Light

The Honda Celebration of Light, one of Vancouver's most anticipated summer events, returns for its 32nd edition on July 20, 24, and 27, 2024. This spectacular festival, presented by the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society, transforms the skyline of English Bay into a dazzling display of pyrotechnics, attracting visitors from all over the globe. Teachers on Call's in-person and online tutoring service had the pleasure of connecting with Catherine Runnals, President of Brand.Live, the organization responsible for producing some of British Columbia’s largest public gatherings, including this magnificent celebration. Our education team, enthusiastic about STEM and community opportunities for families, is excited to learn more about the festival, which historically attracts around 1.4 million attendees over three nights. This year, a similar turnout is anticipated as teams from Portugal, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom compete to light up the Vancouver sky.

        For those who are fans of Canada Day fireworks, the Honda Celebration of Light promises an experience you won't want to miss. The Red Bull Air Show returns with breathtaking aerial maneuvers from Pete McLeod, a Canadian professional aerobatic pilot from Kapuskasing, Ontario (a town northwest of Timmins, Ontario). This year is particularly special with the premiere of an electric drone show. If you've never experienced one, an electric drone show features a coordinated flight of illuminated drones creating stunning visual displays in the sky. The event not only celebrates the art of fireworks but also aims to bring the community together for a family-friendly, free event, ensuring its sustainability for years to come. Mark your calendars and join the festivities at English Bay for an unforgettable celebration of light and music. For those unable to attend in person, read this interview to learn more about the event and consider tucking the idea away for a future holiday or visit.

        How to Plan for Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival

        Planning and preparing for the Honda Celebration of Light involves a few key steps to ensure you have the best experience. The event takes place at English Bay, located next to Stanley Park in the west end of Vancouver, along Beach Avenue between Gilford Street and Bidwell Street. It's the most populated beach area in Vancouver's downtown, offering stunning views of the fireworks over the water. To avoid the hassle of parking and traffic congestion, it is highly encouraged to use alternative modes of transportation. Consider walking, cycling, or taking public transit to the event. Vancouver's extensive transit system, including buses and SkyTrain, provides convenient access to English Bay. If you're cycling, remember that bike valet services are often available during the event. Arriving early is also recommended to secure a good spot, as the area gets crowded quickly. Pack a picnic, bring a blanket or low-back chair, and be prepared for varying weather conditions. By planning ahead and opting for eco-friendly transportation, you can enjoy a stress-free and memorable evening at the Honda Celebration of Light.

        Schedule and Timeline of Events

        Don't miss the world's longest-running offshore fireworks competition this year featuring these three teams. 

        Saturday, July 20, 2024 - Portugal's Team Macedos Pirotecnia 

        Wednesday, July 24, 2024- Malaysia's Team Pyro Tact 

        Saturday, July 27, 2024- United Kingdom's Team Pyrotex Fireworx 

        Wednesday, July 31, 2024 - Winning team to be announced!

        How to Buy Tickets to Reserve an Elevated Spot at Child-Friendly Venues

        If looking for an elevated experience for families, check out these 2 licensed venues offering reserved seating, elevated views, and food and beverage. The following partner venues welcome kids (age 2 and under are free of charge), located at 1700 Beach Avenue Vancouver, BC V6E 1V3.

        Concord Pacific Grandstand

        Provides reserved bleacher seating with elevated and direct sightlines to the fireworks, making it a popular ticketed choice for the festival for visitors, families, and groups. Food trucks are available outside the venue on Beach Avenue.

        INUKSHUK Point

        Situated at the Inukshuk peninsula with a stunning view of English Bay and a relaxed atmosphere. It boasts the closest viewing position to the fireworks display, complemented by local food and beverage offerings curated to reflect the competing countries.

        You can find more information for elevated family experiences to reserve tickets here.

        An Interview with Catherine Runnals, President of Brand.Live

        Teachers on Call’s online and in-person tutoring service connect with Catherine Runnals, President of Brand.Live, the organization behind some of British Columbia’s largest public gatherings, including the Honda Celebration of Light. Read on for her invaluable advice on how to make the most of your experience at this year’s festival.

        How would you describe the Honda Celebration of Light and its significance to both Vancouver and British Columbia?

        The Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver is the longest-running offshore fireworks festival in the world. It’s where, during the day, you can expect live music and entertainment – and at night, the fantastic display of pyro-musical fireworks. The foundation of this event is to create an experience that is accessible to all and brings people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures together. A combined celebration of Vancouver's beautiful landscapes and its people.

        What cultural elements are showcased through the fireworks and accompanying events?

        One of the things that makes the Honda Celebration of Light so unique is that each year there are three different competing nations. Communities representing those countries come out en masse, to show their pride, celebrate, and wear their nation’s colours. The entertainment and food program is also developed so that everyone can see, hear and taste what that participating country has to offer.   

        What kind of expertise and technology are involved in putting together such a large-scale fireworks display?

        The international teams that compete in the Honda Celebration of Light are among the best in the world – and the same can be said for the small team of technicians from Archangel Fireworks who work with each participating nation to ensure their performance is choreographed to the highest level possible.

        For a show of this size, with this degree of musical synchronization, the shows are programmed using GPS. The file of the performance is synced with the file of music, and what we see from the shore is, hopefully, a perfectly choreographed performance. 

        Are there volunteer opportunities for students and community members who are interested in getting involved?

        The Honda Celebration of Light invites volunteer applications from those 18 years or older to fill a small number of production and operations support roles along the access route. Police staff the external barricades marking off the event area, but volunteers are positioned at internal barricades in teams, offering directional and event information to the public. Once approved, volunteers can self-schedule, choosing their own shifts and assignments based on skill set and availability at the time of scheduling. Once we finalize deployment needs, an online schedule will be posted for selected volunteers.

        In addition to Vancouver locals, where do visitors travel from to participate in the Honda Celebration of Light?

        Vancouver is a world class destination for visitors from around the world and in a lot of cases are drawn to the Honda Celebration of Light because of its reputation as a day-long event that appeals to every member of the family.

        How does the festival impact the local community and businesses in Vancouver?

        It is estimated that the Honda Celebration of Light has an economic impact in excel of $200 million each year, when factoring in visitor-stays, meals and other related spending. But it also has a dramatic social impact, bringing together people of every walk of life to do nothing other than share in a celebration of light.

        Are there any exciting new features or changes planned for this year’s festival?

        The exciting thing about the Honda Celebration of Light is that three new participating teams will present a new and unique performance for the audience. We fully expect a heavy influx of people of Portuguese, Malaysian and British descent – which will create an exciting atmosphere.

        For the first time ever, the Honda Celebration of Light will premiere an electric drone show, sponsored by the BC Honda Dealers Association. Each night at approximately 9:50pm, attendees can watch a dazzling, choreographed drone display light up the skies over English Bay. And there will be daytime activities, food trucks representing all cuisines, licensed venues. 

        Can you share a memorable moment or highlight from your experience with the festival?

        Every year is unique because of the pride that comes with celebrating your own nation’s participation. However, the 2022 event was particularly meaningful because it marked the return of the Honda Celebration of Light after being cancelled for the two previous years because of the pandemic. As a result, coming together and being able to celebrate and socialize on a large scale took on a new meaning and was better appreciated. 

        What do you hope visitors take away from their time at the Honda Celebration of Light?

        Our hope for every visitor is that they can immerse themself in the Honda Celebration of Light, share in the experience with friends or family, enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and create life-long memories.

        What is your favourite tip to share to navigate and experience the festival?

        Leave all of your cares and worries at home by soaking in the atmosphere of the Honda Celebration of Light. But leave your car at home and make use of the various options, whether it’s walking, cycling, or taking transit. 


        As the Honda Celebration of Light approaches, we hope these insights help you plan an unforgettable experience. For the latest updates and event information, be sure to subscribe at, follow along on Twitter and Instagram, and join the conversation using the hashtag #celeboflight.  

        For more community-inspired events and festivities this summer, check out our Doors Open interview series and spotlights.

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