The Ultimate Advantages of Online Summer Tutoring for Students of All Ages

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The Ultimate Advantages of Online Summer Tutoring for Students of All Ages

We can all agree that summer is a much-anticipated time for students to relax and have fun after a long school year. Yet, our online and in-person tutors believe that the summer break can also be an opportunity for learning and development. As parents, we all want to ensure our children are making the most of their time off from school (if not enrolled in summer school programs or credit courses). From our professional perspective, one of the best ways to prevent the summer slide and keep kids engaged throughout July and August is through online tutoring. While our tutoring service offers both in-person and online tutoring, for the purposes of this blog, we will be focusing on the unique advantages of online services during the summer break. If interested in how online summer tutoring can help your child succeed, read on!

Downtime over the summer months is essential for students to recharge, and return to school refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges in September. While enjoying the summer break is important, it's also crucial to find a balance that keeps their minds engaged and prevents the infamous summer slide. This is where the advantages of online tutoring can truly shine and make a significant difference. Our in-person and online tutoring service has firsthand experience with the educational benefits and advantages for students of all ages from kindergarten to grade 12. While our team offers traditional in-person tutoring as well (since our start in 1984), for this blog we are focusing on the benefits of online tutoring over the summer months. Drawing from our professional experience tutoring students of all ages, we will break it down for you below.

Understanding the Summer Slide

What is the Summer Slide?

The summer slide refers to the learning loss that students may experience during the summer months when they're not in school. From our professional experience, this can hit students who are already academically behind the hardest. This loss can have a cumulative effect, making it harder for students to catch up when the new school year begins. For example, if your grade 2 student is not reading at grade level by the final report card in June, they are likely to fall even further behind when they start the next grade level. Read our past blog, Make sure the only “Summer Slide” your child is on this year is at the playground!

The Impact on Different Age Groups

The summer slide impacts students of all ages and grades differently. For example, early readers might forget basic phonics skills with a lack of practice, while older students might struggle with more complex concepts in subjects like French, math or science.  For high school students, the gap can be even larger due to the semester system, leading to an extended period without review beyond the summer months. This impact can be even more pronounced for students who have been identified with learning challenges and special education needs.

Advantages of Online Tutoring Over the Summer

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is its flexibility. Unlike traditional in-person tutoring which requires a tutor to travel to a specific location, online tutoring can be done from the comfort of your home or vacation destination. This means you can easily fit tutoring sessions into your busy summer schedule, accommodating activities like summer camp and trips to the cottage or farther locales.

Access to Professional Online Tutors

With online tutoring, you're not confined to tutors in your local area, which is particularly advantageous if you're traveling or have a busy schedule. Many teachers also prefer to travel over the summer, which means you can be paired with the best online summer tutor for your child's learning style and needs, without the limitations of location. This flexibility ensures that your child receives consistent, high-quality tutoring no matter where you are.

For example, many Teachers on Call families spend much of their summer going back and forth between cottages in areas like Muskoka, ON (approximately 2 - 3 hours from Toronto) or Canmore, AB (approximately 1 hour from Calgary) and find online tutoring to be a great solution for ensuring continuity of learning.

Consistent Support throughout Summer School Courses

Attending summer school is a significant commitment, especially at the secondary school level. It’s essential to set students up for success to ensure their time is well-spent. These courses condense a full year's curriculum into just four weeks, meaning students will cover a week's worth of material each day. Engaging an online summer tutor who is well-versed in the subject-specific curriculum can be incredibly beneficial for keeping up with the fast-paced material and alleviating feelings of anxiety.

Interactive and Engaging Tools

Online tutors are able to leverage interactive tools to make learning more engaging. This includes virtual whiteboards, video lessons, and educational games. For more on this, check out our past blog Gamification Makes Math Fun.  Many of our elementary-aged students have reported that they enjoy these interactive elements during their online sessions, which helps maintain their attention and motivation to learn.

Academic Benefits of Online Tutoring

Strengthening Foundational Skills in Core Subjects

Online tutoring can help strengthen foundational skills in core subjects such as reading  and numeracy for elementary students, as well as higher-grade math, science, and English. By focusing on these critical areas, online tutors can ensure that your child is well-prepared for the upcoming school year and their next grade level.

Opportunities for Advanced Learning and Enrichment

If your child is already excelling in their studies, online tutoring can provide opportunities for advanced learning and enrichment. This can include studying new subjects, tackling advanced coursework, or engaging in creative projects. We often see this with elementary age students who are advanced in STEM subjects and crave further exploration and guidance.

Building Study Habits, Time Management and Executive Functioning Skills

Another benefit of online tutoring is that it can help build good study habits and time management skills. Online summer tutors can teach students how to organize their time, prioritize tasks, and develop effective study routines. It can be helpful to tackle these areas over the summer months without the constraints and stress of a full academic load. These skills are invaluable and can help your child succeed both in school and beyond.

Preparing for the New School Year

Online tutoring can also help prepare your child for the new school year. Online summer tutors can review material from the previous school year and introduce new concepts that will be covered in the fall. This can give your child a head start and boost their confidence when they return to school in September.

Addressing Common Concerns

Ensuring Quality and Credibility

One common concern parents have about online tutoring is ensuring the quality and credibility of the online tutor. To address this, it's important to choose a reputable tutoring service that vets its tutors thoroughly and has strong safety protocols in place.  Look at google reviews and testimonials from other parents when making this decision.

Balancing Screen Time

Another concern is managing screen time. While it's true that too much screen time can be detrimental, online tutoring sessions are typically structured and focused, making them a productive use of screen time. Online tutoring also supports the development of digital literacy skills, which are a key component in both school and future career pathways.

Managing Costs

Cost is another important factor to consider. While tutoring is always an investment of time and finances, online tutoring is generally more affordable than in-person tutoring due to the absence of travel costs. Additionally, online tutoring often has shorter minimum session requirements. For example, at Teachers on Call, our minimum online tutoring sessions start at just 30 minutes. This allows younger primary school students to opt for two 30-minute sessions per week to improve reading fluency, rather than one hour of traditional in-person tutoring.

Look for Success Stories

Case Studies

Look for case studies that highlight the effectiveness of the tutoring service. These academic success stories can provide concrete examples of how online tutoring has helped other students overcome challenges and achieve their academic goals.

Testimonials from Parents and Students

Hearing from other parents and students can be incredibly reassuring. Many parents have seen significant improvements in their children's grades and confidence thanks to online tutoring. Testimonials are often found on google reviews and websites. For example, here is a parent testimonial our tutoring team is particularly proud of.

One of the best things we ever did was hire Teachers on Call to support our kids’ learning. These days the Teachers on Call team, including our girls’ beloved tutor, are ports in an educational storm for us with great online tutoring and educational advice when I get extra worried. I am grateful to this terrific family business for their partnership.

– Heather from Toronto, ON

Tips for Parents to Maximize Online Summer Tutoring

Supporting Your Child’s Learning

As a parent, you play a crucial role in supporting your child’s learning. Encourage them to take their online tutoring sessions seriously and provide a quiet, comfortable space for them to study.

Creating a Conducive Learning Environment

Create a learning environment at home that is free from distractions. This can help your child focus during their online summer tutoring sessions and make the most of their time.

Encouraging a Balanced Routine

While it's important to keep your child engaged in learning, it's also essential to balance their tutoring with other summer activities. Encourage them to play outside, pursue hobbies, go to camp and spend time with friends and family.


Online tutoring is a powerful tool that can help your child get a leg up this summer. By preventing the summer slide and providing personalized learning opportunities, online tutoring can ensure your child is well-prepared for the upcoming school year. Our advice to you is not to wait until the school year starts to address any learning gaps—take action now. Contact us to learn more about our summer tutoring services and how we can help your child excel.

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