Online Learning Success: High School Student Develops Self Study Strategies

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Inexperienced in science studies, this high school student needed a little extra support in her online chemistry course. Her Teachers on Call tutor helped her catch up, and achieve a strong grade in this difficult subject.

Student Challenge & Goals

This request came from a high-school student approaching graduation who hadn't taken a science course for some time. A full-time student in grade 12, she decided to take a chemistry course online at a private high-school to fulfill a pre-requisite for university entry. Her goal was to finish the chemistry course with a mark above 80 percent.

While she was a bright and hardworking student, her disconnect from not taking any science course recently was difficult to initially overcome. As a result, she found it challenging to self-teach the concepts because of that unfamiliarity of material, as well as stay on track of timelines with the online format.

How We Helped

Our tutor provided her with clarification on areas she was unsure of, and guided her with strategies on how to remember the chemistry concepts. He also helped her develop an effective study strategy so that she could learn the content on her own.

Student Results

With consistent science tutoring, she became adept at learning independently. Towards the end of the course, our tutor provided helpful teacher tips for the final exam around common trick questions or misconceptions to watch out for. The student was extremely pleased to let us know that she exceeded her goal by finishing her online chemistry course with a very strong grade.

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