Warm & Cozy Holiday Gifts for Teachers Who Get Cold

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Warm & Cozy Holiday Gifts for Teachers Who Get Cold

With the holidays coming up, it wouldn’t be surprising for shopping to be on your mind! Picking out the perfect gift for your child’s teacher can be tough. Not to fret, you have come to the right place. We are subject matter experts on this topic as Teachers on Call’s in-person and online tutoring team is comprised entirely of professional teachers. While gift cards are a trusty staple, you may be looking for something unique. With cold, icky weather inbound, and your child’s educator having to brave the weather to mind outdoor recess, a creative teacher gift might be easier than you think! If your child has a teacher who gets cold in the winter, here are our top gift ideas for keeping them warm on the way to work, in the school yard and over winter break. Many of these presents pair well for organizing a class group gift or for building a personalized gift basket. Read on!

    Are you searching for the best teacher gift to express your appreciation? At this time of year, we notice many parents asking their Facebook friends for help. The Teachers on Call online and home tutoring service is an authority on how to give gifts that teachers actually need and want. From our professional experience, you can never go wrong with a gift card, but we also know that many families are looking for an original option. So, with that in mind our theme this year is warmth. After all, it’s cold out there for teachers patrolling on recess and lunch duty (Vice Principals and Principals too!). Channeling Chicken Soup for the Soul, this blog is dedicated to soothing gifts for your child’s educator to keep them warm over the chilly winter season. Spoiler alert: our president, Joanne Sallay, is a BIG tea drinker, so Sipology is on the list along with many other stirring ideas.

    Clothing Accessory Gifts to Beat the Cold Outdoors

    Cozy Canadian Made Clothing - Redwood Classics

    For teachers who like to be comfy AND chic, look no further than Redwood Classics. Proudly made in Canada by a woman & minority owned business, their clothing includes gender neutral, women’s and family collections. Redwood Classic’s Kathy Cheng, recommends the Yukon Polo or St. Lawrence Jacket with a zip up mock collar that makes it less casual than a traditional hoody. These classic styles are perfect for the classroom, and for battling the outdoors with layers during winter.

    For educators teaching at EcoSchools or simply are passionate about environmental education, our president, Joanne Sallay, is a big fan of the Redwood Classics x Preloved collection (especially the mittens). These pieces are stylish and sustainable - made from upcycled vintage sweater materials - making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

    Thermal Heat Socks - WindRiver Women's and Men’s T-Max - Mark’s Work Wearhouse & Site

    Okay, we can hear you thinking “SOCKS?!?” but these socks are amazing. T-Max heat comes in two types, and one is SUPER thick. It’s SUPER cushy, fluffy, and soft. And they can keep your feet warm down at -30c. Oh, and did we mention it comes in crew or knee-high length?

    Functional Fleece Gloves - Denali Etip™ Gloves – The North Face

    These three-season gloves actually come with a lifetime guarantee! Their 100% recycled polyester construction makes them comfortable to wear continuously from fall to spring. Plus, they have a soft fleecy feel and are touch-screen compatible.

    Fashionable Beanie / Scarf / Mitten Combo – Joe Fresh

    Most of us are used to mixing and matching our accessories… but who says you have to? Joe Fresh makes it easy to match scarves, gloves or mittens, and beanies by colour (at affordable prices too!).

    Comfy Wearable Sherpa Blanket - thecomfy.com or Amazon

    It is as wonderful for cold outings like hockey games and outdoor recess or just being snug as a bug on the couch. Does it look a little funny? Sure. Will some be jealous of how cozy the recipient is? You bet they will be.

    Soothing Gifts to Warm the Body

    A Healthy Hot Chocolate or Tea Collection - sipology.com

    Hot chocolate in flavours like Peppermint and Salted Caramel are sure to tickle your teacher’s taste buds, but here’s the best part – Sipology’s hot chocolate is made with real cocoa powder and has only 5g of sugar per serving so your teacher can indulge in the sweetness without worrying about the massive sugar rush! They also have some exotic and wonderful loose leaf tea options like Chocolate Chili Chai, Milk & Cookies, and Cranberry Earl Grey. If you’re looking for a gift school staff can share, the 24 Steeps Exclusive Tea Collection comes with 24 tins of loose leaf tea packaged in a beautiful festive box (no gift wrapping required!) or the Make Your Own Matcha Stick collection containing 3 packs of sweet matcha sticks, perfect for your teacher to take on the go. Fun fact, you can watch the story behind this Canadian company based in Hamilton, Ontario on season 7’s Dragon Den here

    Reusable Hand Warmers – Hotpoc.ca and anywhere you can find winter hiking/camping gear

    Better warmth through chemistry! These little pouches don’t look like much, but with the click of a disc inside, you’ll have piping hot warmth from a chemical reaction in minutes. Watch out for the disposable kind; the reusable hand warmers have a lifespan of 100 uses, costing lots less – and they’re way more ecofriendly.

    Spa Care for Home – Buy anywhere

    When it’s cold outside, few things can beat a hot bath - unless you’re upscaling the luxury of it! Because skincare can be so personal, we recommend that you avoid the all-in-one packs and instead opt for products that are pre-treatments or post-care which compliments any regimen. This would include things like bath salts or bombs, essential oils, exfoliating scrubs and treatments (especially for the hands and feet), and hair conditioning treatments and masks. For some Canadian inspiration, check out Blume and Omy Lab

    Gifts To Defeat the Cold Drink

    Reusable Cup Sleeve – Etsy.com

    Not only do these cute little mug cozies help keep your drink warm and your hand cool, but many can also be personalized! We love the wool knit and crochet ones, but there’s bound to be a cozy that will (perhaps literally) have your teacher’s name on it.

    The Softea Traveler for loose tea leaves - sipology.com

    Regular travel mugs abound, but how many have you seen that come with an infuser for loose leaf tea? That’s what makes the Softea Traveler truly special: the removable fine mesh infuser works with all types of looseleaf tea. Now this is a great reward to enjoy over recess!

    Travel Mug - Contigo with Ceramic Glaze Interior - Online only, wherever you can find it

    There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love stainless-steel travel mugs, and those who don’t, because stainless steel can make their drink taste funny. For the latter, Contigo makes a ceramic travel mug. However: they can be a little bit of work to track down because they’re short-run. They sell out fast, so be prepared to go straight to google.

    Mug Warmer – Buy anywhere

    Mug warmers can be found practically everywhere, and you will have lots and lots of selections and brands to choose from. The downside is they do tend to be a little more expensive, and you’ll probably have to do a little research to choose one. Still, if you’re looking for a group gift, this may be a great pick.

    Inspiring Gifts to Warm the Spirit

    Gifts for the Classroom that Give Back – See our blog!

    The unfortunate truth is that many hardworking teachers buy supplies for their classrooms out of their own pockets at the start of and throughout the school year. You could be giving the best gift of all by putting together a gift basket from this post!

    Indigenous Box - indigenousbox.ca

    Indigenous Box Inc. is sure to deliver a deeply meaningful gift. It’s a direct-to-consumer and business-to-business social-impact gifting service and retailer. Buying an Indigenous box champions, supports and develop Indigenous businesses while delivering an unforgettable gifting experience.

    Inspiring Picture Book - Greta and the Giants by Zöe Tucker and Zoe Persico  - indigo.ca

    Teachers love inspiring picture books to read with their students. This pick tells the story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg and 1% of net proceeds from this book helps children in high-needs communities through the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation.

    Thoughtful Gifts to Warm the Heart

    Homemade Gifts, Class Cards & Messages 

    The best gifts don’t have to break the bank. We encourage parents to consider going in together on a group gift or building a personalized basket for teacher with some of the above gifts. Teachers also love homemade gifts from their students, like thoughtful cards and video messages! 

    Win your Teacher's Gift & Skip the Shopping!

    If you love these ideas, head over to Teachers on Call’s Facebook and Instagram for details on  our holiday giveaway with our friends at Sipology for a chance to win a Staff Room Sip N’ Share Gift Box for your school’s teachers to share.

    We hope this list of gifts provides you with some helpful ideas to keep your favourite teacher warm over break and throughout the winter. Happy shopping!

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