5 Halloween Science Experiments to Try This Weekend

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5 Halloween Science Experiments to Try This Weekend

Is there a place where Halloween fun and educational STEM activities can intersect? You bet! Check out these fun and easy science experiments perfect for Halloween. Who knew that chemistry and physics could help students get into the festive spirit!

Dry Ice Experiments

Nothing looks creepier and more mysterious than the fog created by dry ice! Did you know that you can buy dry ice for all sorts of fun STEM experiments for Halloween? Fun fact! Dry ice evaporates into a mist because it’s actually carbon dioxide – it’s not water at all.

To buy dry ice, check Google to find a retailer near you. And before you arrive, make sure to bring a cooler and towels to store it in. Kids, be sure to have an adult handle dry ice for you, because it’s so cold it can freeze your skin.

Magic Potions & Witch’s Brew

One part chemistry, one part “magic!” If you ordered dry ice to do other fun Halloween STEM experiments with, you can make a “Witch’s Brew” by placing a chunk of dry ice in a glass of water tinted with food colouring. There’s also dozens of other magic potions available on Pinterest that are great for all ages. Many are density related, like this Density Tower, or mix oil and coloured water. (If you have a child who loves glittery, fairy princess things, try making a Galaxy Jar or this Fizzing Fairy Potion!)

Pumpkin Volcano

Give the classic STEM Volcano experiment a Halloween twist by making it in a pumpkin this year! Be sure to scrape out the pumpkin as normal, just like you would for a Jack-O’-Lantern. (And by the way, you can finish carving one after your science experiment with the pumpkin, too!) We recommend you insert a small cup or bowl into the opening of the pumpkin, just like in this post, especially if you want to continue carving a Jack-O’-Lantern afterwards!

LED Jack-O’-Lantern

For kids who are a little bit older, this LED Halloween STEM experiment that crafts an electrical circuit might be just the fun activity you need! Circuits are a great STEM activity, and all sorts of amazing things can be done with LEDs.

Want to learn more fun educational stuff about Halloween? Check out our post about 10 “Spooky” Halloween History Facts.

Wishing all our readers a safe and happy Halloween!

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