Educational Boredom Busters Perfect for Hot Days

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Educational Boredom Busters Perfect for Hot Days

Beat the boredom, the heat, and the summer slide all in one go with these activities!

    It’s really hot out there this week, and when the weather is too warm and too muggy, the heat can be dangerous. So, on these very warm, humid days, it’s best to stay inside whenever possible! These boredom busters will keep little minds active on hot days, and some of them are great choices for shady backyard play too.

    Be sure to keep many cool drinks flowing!

    ‘Sink or Float’ STEM Activity

    A basic science experiment that’s great for kindergarten and primary students! All you need is a bathtub, bucket, or a bin that can hold some water – and some objects that won’t be harmed by a dip. (Be sure to remind your child that most electronic and mechanical devices aren’t safe to put in water.)

    Coins, ice cubes, plastic lids, and rocks are all great choices to play with. Can you think of more?

    Ask your child before placing the object in the water whether they think it will sink or float, and then observe what happens!

    Book Club

    Starting a weekly “book club” with your children. If you bring snacks and drinks and encourage great discussion, they’ll warm to the idea quickly! Start with a book that your child has already read to give them the gist of how the club works.

    Be sure to discuss both things both critical and funny: e.g. Green Eggs and Ham, ask if they think the eggs were laid by a green chicken. Be sure to give your club a name and meet regularly!

    Frozen Popsicle Experiment

    In case you missed our post last week: science can be a lot more fun than many people realize, especially when there’s a sweet reward at the end of it! This activity is great for grades 4+ because it introduces children to the idea of running a real science experiment and some of the important terminology.

    Educational Shows Online

    We have a bunch of popular educational shows and movies that are available on Netflix or one of the other streaming services. Check out these posts to find something great to watch!

    Resurrect Game Night

    There are tons of board games that are great educational picks! Here are a few we recommend.

    • Monopoly – a classic, and great for teaching the beginnings of financial literacy.
    • Boggle – great for practicing simple spelling! (You can bend rules a bit for younger players.)
    • UNO – colors, numbers, and strategizing. Great for players of all ages!
    • Scrabble – only this game can make looking up words in a dictionary this much fun.
    • Dominos – also a great game to introduce younger players to counting and numbers.

    Stay cool, and most importantly, have fun! 

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