Four Great Shows That Encourage Kids to Learn More

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Four Great Shows That Encourage Kids to Learn More

We here at Teachers on Call always believe that entertainment and education can go hand in hand! The best kinds of books and movies fire the imagination of children, making them interested in knowing more. If you’d love a list of some educational shows that are great for encouraging kids to learn more about something cool, then we encourage you to check these out!

Have a young child that you want to encourage to read or problem solve? Be sure to check out Super Why

Four fairytale friends go on magical adventures and become reading-powered superheroes. From Wikipedia: The goal of the Super Readers is to follow the storyline to solve the problem. As they progress through the events of the story, they encounter obstacles, which can be solved by applying their literacy skills to change the story. As they overcome these obstacles, they are rewarded with red glittery "Super Letters" that form the solution to the "super big problem."

Great for little ones and all ages.

Where to find it: Netflix, Amazon Prime, & PBS Kids

Have a little one who loves extreme stuff? They might love Popular Mechanics for Kids

From IMDB: Based on the famous magazine, this series takes young viewers on a ride to some of the world's most exciting places where they get a first-hand look and feel of what it takes to operate everything they see.

Bonus: it’s a Canadian show, and perfect for kids of all ages!

Where to find it: Amazon Prime

Want a little family-friendly empowerment? Check out Lost in Space

A rip in the space-time continuum forces the Robinsons, a family of space colonists, to crash-land on an unknown planet. They’re lost! In space! But everyone has a part to play, even their very youngest, and smarts and bravery help them get out of many challenging situations. Together, there’s nothing they can’t do. And while it’s not PERFECTLY factual, there’s a strong nod to real space and science facts.

Great for all ages

Where to find it: Netflix

Have a child who loves mysteries or working in code? Try The Science of Secrecy

From IMDB: The Science of Secrecy brings to life the hidden history of codes and code breaking. Since the birth of writing, there has also been the need for secrecy. The story of codes is the story of the intellects who used mathematics, linguistics, machines, gut instinct, logic and detective work to encrypt and break these secret messages and the effect their work has had on history.

Great for slightly older kids, 13+.

Where to find it: Amazon Prime


Bonus - Want to practice listening in a foreign language: Try Netflix Originals

The Netflix Originals are a great go-to for practicing reading and listening comprehension in a foreign language because of the quality of their audio and subtitles. We’ve recommended it before – especially for practicing French! Of course, French isn’t the only subtitle/dub option – there’s many others as well. The sheer volume of original content means that there’s sure to be something all kids will love.

Something for everybody!

Where to find it: Netflix 

Have fun watching!

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