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Enjoy National Zoo & Aquarium Month with These Five Great Attractions

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Enjoy National Zoo & Aquarium Month with These Five Great Attractions

Your child may have “visited” a few of these places during school, but why not do a virtual visit of a zoo or aquarium with the whole family?

    Did you know that June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month? Many of these exciting attractions that we loved visiting are still closed for in-person visits, but technology has given us a brand new exciting option… virtual tours!

    Get the whole family involved in a zoo outing, and then celebrate with a picnic lunch in the back yard! Here are five great places to check out:

    The Toronto Zoo

    Every day at 1 PM, The Toronto Zoo does a free Facebook Live event that people can tune into. They choose a different animal every day, and they have special fun events like #WorldTurtleWeekend. The events are hosted by a zookeeper and a helper who will answer questions posed by viewers, which makes it a great choice for curious viewers who like to learn!

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a free, chill experience for those who love to take things slow and on their own time. Viewers can choose between different cams including the Kelp Forest, the Shark cam, the Penguin cam, Aviary cam, and the Sea Otter cam. They also have open sea cams and a cam on the Monterey Bay itself, so you can look for otters, birds, and sailboats above the surface, and turtles, sharks and sardines beneath!

    The San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego Zoo has cams at lots of its animal exhibits, and you’re free to watch live all day long during the daylight hours (about 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM Pacific time). After dark, they rebroadcast the footage that they’ve taken all day. Each cam features a little bit of information too about the animals you are watching on screen.

    Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

    If you’ve missed your in-person visits to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, you might be thrilled to know that they not only have a few live cams, they also offer virtual tours with footage and live Q&A sessions at a very reasonable price.

    Atlanta Zoo’s Panda Cam

    Atlanta doesn’t offer a huge selection of animals to watch, but people do love watching their free Panda Cam. If you have a child who loves these fun bears, don’t miss out!

    These are just a few of many zoos and aquariums offering free cams and learning sessions. Be sure to check them out if you’re having a great time! Want more animal fun? Check out our post on Biology Facts About How Animals in Canada Survive the Winter.

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