Kid-Friendly Ways to Be Earth-Friendly for Earth Day

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Kid-Friendly Ways to Be Earth-Friendly for Earth Day

With Earth Day approaching on April 22, here are some earth and kid-friendly activities you can introduce to your family.

With Earth Day coming up again on April 22, kids might be interested in knowing how they can do their part to help and save money. Yes, it’s totally possible for students to make a difference! Here’s some earth-friendly, kid-friendly ways you can introduce to the family just for Earth Day.

Spend more time outside

Sunlight is free! When you’re outside, you’re not on a computer or watching television. And not only is playing outside better for electricity usage, it’s super healthy for you, too! With days getting longer, you have hours of playtime to enjoy after school. Check out 5 Ways to Get Into Spring and Get Moving for some things to do outside!

Read books

If you got your physical activity in, outdoors is also a great place to enjoy some sunlight with a book. But even when you’re indoors, books use less electricity than video games!

Practice efficiency

Do you turn off lights when you leave a room? Do you shut off the tap after you get your toothbrush wet? How long does it take you to get clean in the shower? Or how about natural light: do you turn on lights by habit even when a room is getting lots of sunshine?

Efficiency is a great way to save a lot over time by doing small things, but it takes practice to get into the habit!

Be paperless whenever it makes sense

Some things lend themselves really well to being paperless! If you like to write down due dates and reminders, a whiteboard or using your email’s calendar feature might actually be a better choice than a handwritten note… which could get lost.

Reuse (or use the other side) of paper when you need paper

Of course, we’re big fans of taking actual notes by hand for important things – it helps you learn. So be sure to use both sides of notebook paper. And if you need just scratch pads for math work or doodling, use the back side of other paper from things you and your family have printed out.

Choose a reusable water bottle – and ditch things with straws

At home, or on the go, a reusable bottle is the way to go. The unfortunate truth is that most plastic isn’t very recyclable. So, kick those single-use plastics to the curb by choosing a reusable container instead of water bottles and juice boxes.

Close your curtains

It’s still cool yet, but once summer hits, the curtain will help keep the heat outdoors. Not only does this mean the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, your room will stay cooler too!

Small things can add up to a lot! For more things you can do, check out last year’s post, Five easy ways to Celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary at home. Happy Earth Day!

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