Focus on Family with These Great Activities

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Focus on Family with These Great Activities

Between winter, pandemic, and the dark, dreary time of year, it’s not unusual at all to have a mighty case of the “blahs.” The great news is that with Family Day coming up this Monday, it’s a great time to assess and address wellbeing as a group, being sure to take a little self-care time. All you need to do is ask what has your family has not been getting enough of lately?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

My family needs… more exercise

The urge to hibernate is strong, but low energy levels are frequently the result of being just a little too sedentary. Why not give some of these a try?

  • Go for a walk all together – a completely free and easy thing to do as a family, and a great time to have some conversation!
  • Push back the couches and do some yoga as a group – there’s some great beginner videos on YouTube that you could stream to the TV. Pilates is a great family-friendly option too!
  • Invest in Just Dancethis dancing game is on most platforms and allows up to four participants. The kids will never know they’re getting a great workout in.

Be sure to also check out these 5 Great Winter Outdoor Activities You Can Still Enjoy in Lockdown.

My family needs… to eat better

No judgement from us – it’s one of those times of year that convenience and junk foods are king. And this probably won’t surprise you either… that eating a lot of junk and convenience foods makes you feel similarly ‘junky.’

  • Spark interest with cooking shows – If you don’t think a cooking show would appeal to kids, you probably haven’t watched shows like ‘Nailed It’ or ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ There’s something about seeing food done so terribly wrong that is a great motivator for kids.
  • Do some recipe browsing together – Half the time junk food’s appeal is that you’re tired of all your old recipes. It’s time to try a new one! Gather round the computer and do some perusing.
  • Get in the kitchen together – Everyone belongs in the kitchen. That’s where the food’s made. And far too many people are growing up without the understanding of how to prepare a healthy meal with fresh ingredients.

My family needs… more togetherness time

It can be tough to get everyone on board with a single activity – so you might try some of these out.

  • Movie marathon night – Let the kids pick the theme, work as a team to pick out the movies, and get together to prep the snacks in the kitchen before you settle in.
  • Family game night – Give those old board games new life or buy a few new ones. Or even check out some of these online games so you can expand the circle to more distant relatives and friends.
  • Family reading time – Whip up a batch of hot chocolate and snuggle into the couches and on the rugs to read for an hour as a group. It’s an independent activity done together, so everyone can be enjoying something they’re especially into.
Check out our post on making hot chocolate bombs for a bonus activity that leads wonderfully into reading time!

Whatever you do end up doing, make sure that you find a little time for one another this Family Day!

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