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Practice Math While Making Hot Chocolate Bombs on Holiday Break!

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Practice Math While Making Hot Chocolate Bombs on Holiday Break!

Have you seen the latest trend in hot chocolate making? They’re called Hot Chocolate Bombs, and they’re all the rage right now on social media as an extra special gift to give away this holiday season. We love this trend of Hot Chocolate Bombs and we’re ready to make it an even more fun activity – by showing you ways you can add a little math practice to the mix!

Hold up – what’s a hot chocolate bomb? We’re glad you asked. Much like bath bombs, hot liquid (in this case, hot milk or a plant-based milk substitute) poured over top makes an explosively fun and tasty treat! All you need to get started is a food-safe silicon mold, chocolate chips, hot chocolate powder, and fun things like marshmallows and sparkles to add. There’s lots of little videos that can get you started on how to make a hot chocolate bomb.

Ready to get making it educational? Here’s some extra math practice you can add while making your hot chocolate bombs.

Clock Counting

You don’t want your chocolate to burn, so make sure you microwave it in short stints, stirring between. 30 seconds at a time is a good increment. How many seconds total did you need to melt the chocolate? How many minutes did that end up being?


There are so many great ways to get fractions into this one, especially if you make many hot chocolate bombs in a lot of different ways. (The final product is made up of two halves, after all!) Ask your child questions like how many halves did it take to make the final result? How many have marshmallows inside? How many are topped with white chocolate and how many are topped with sprinkles?


For extra credit, get your child to convert the fractions to a percentage! What does 1/3 look like as a percent? What percentage of the hot chocolate bombs are you saving for your family, and what percentage will you give away?


This one is extra fun in a taste-test situation. Make sure you use measuring spoons when measuring out your ingredients and filling your hot chocolate bombs! If you mixed a little extra dark chocolate you’re your milk chocolate before melting, what was the ratio you ended up with? What’s the best-tasting ratio of marshmallows to hot chocolate powder? Is it 1:1 or 1:2?

Approval rating

Be sure to pass around the final product and get the approval rating! Ask everyone to fill out a score system based on 5 points, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest. Then add up the number of stars and divide it by the number of people who rated you. You can represent this final tally as a percentage or a star-based system. Why not both?

We hope everyone has a tasty and fun time with the chocolate bombs! Stay warm.

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