Is Online Tutoring Right For My Child?

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Is Online Tutoring Right For My Child?

With spring in full swing, and the end of the school year only a short distance away, you might be wondering if online tutoring is right for your child. Our team has a lot of experience providing online tutoring across Ontario for students as young as kindergarten, all the way up to grade 12. We have received a lot of feedback from families and educators along the way. Here are five reasons why online tutoring might be a great choice for you child and why now might be a helpful time to start. 

1)  Your child has fallen behind in school during the pandemic.

If you feel your child hasn’t performed as well as they could have this year, or is missing foundational skills, you’re not alone. Perhaps your child’s last report card indicated this, or extra help was recommended in your parent teacher conference. Many parents have found that with learning disruptions caused by the pandemic, their child has been struggling to achieve their full academic potential. If there are subjects of concern, online tutoring can provide 1-on-1 personalized help to address gaps in learning in any subject or grade, from early reading and writing skills, all the way up to grade 12 chemistry and calculus.

2)  Your family has a very busy schedule and could use a helping hand with homework.

We get it; sometimes it’s all we can do to juggle work and the household. And math isn’t everyone’s strongest subject. Or perhaps your child is in French Immersion – and you don’t speak a word of it.

A tutor who’s an expert in what your child needs help with can be a real life- (and time-) saver! And online tutoring gives you the added advantage in accessing an online tutor who has that subject expertise and experience with the Ontario curriculum – but may not be a tutor who lives right near you.

3)  Your child benefits from an interactive approach, or from shorter tutoring sessions.

One insight we’ve learned since our start in 1984: there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching or learning. Online tutoring has some distinct benefits from traditional tutoring for younger and special-needs learners.

Online tutoring is great for younger students who aren’t ready to handle the longer time minimums required for in-person tutoring, because sessions can be as short as 30 minutes. With online tutoring, it’s also easy to incorporate interactive video clips, games and whiteboards, which help with the engagement in a variety of subjects, including math, science, reading, writing and more.

4)  You want your child to gain digital literacy skills.

Digital literacy and technology skills and essential to prepare students for future grades and careers. Consistent online tutoring will help support digital skills in a safe cooperative learning environment with an online tutor. Students can practice screen sharing, using digital tools, and even evaluating online resources.

This will allow students to build confidence and independence for their learning at school, and may even improve their attitude and experiences with technology.

5)  You prefer virtual support, as in-person tutoring is not best option right now.

Perhaps you have someone with immunodeficiency or other health issues in the household and are limiting external contacts. Or perhaps you’re managing a job with demanding hours, and can’t take your child to a learning centre on a regular basis. No matter what the reason, online tutoring is flexible, safe, and easy to maintain on a regular schedule. All you need is a digital device and a strong internet connection.

Incidentally, this last one is also great for summer learning! If you’re planning on spending time at a cottage or travelling this summer (as many people are now that restrictions are loosening), online tutoring can keep your child on track to start next fall strong, or even get ahead for next grade level, beating the summer slide.

If you have any other questions about online tutoring, we’re always here to answer them! Feel free to reach out to our team.

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