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Laura MacNiven

Laura MacNiven, Co-founder of Springboard Clinic, M. Ed 

Laura MacNivenLaura co-founded Springboard Clinic 14+ years ago with an intention to transform the world’s acceptance of diverse ways of thinking and ensure everyone with ADHD has a chance to be the best they can be. 

In her current role, she draws on her professional and personal experience to offer inspiration and support to the ADHD community in a myriad of ways: coaching clients on their journeys with attention issues; sharing her insights through books, blog content and online courses; and developing innovative resources in the ADHD field. She is passionate about making Springboard’s personalized, strengths-based resources more accessible through workshops, professional training and the creation of customized health care technology: “By taking the time and space to slow down and connect without judgement, we make the world more accepting of neurodiverse thinkers, which in turn opens the door for more creative solutions. By reducing stigma and building compassion, we can rise as a community.”

Going Beyond Labels: 4 Ways to “Talk Differently” about ADHD

Going Beyond Labels: 4 Ways to “Talk Differently” about ADHD

By Laura MacNiven

Posted in Featured, Local, Parent Education Resources, Special Ed. Tutoring, Tips & Advice

In her guest blog, Laura MacNiven from Springboard Clinic shares important information about ADHD, how to embrace neurodiversity, as well as strategies to think and talk differently about ADHD going forward.  

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