Teachers on Call Contributes to Costco Back to School Issue

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Teachers on Call Contributes to Costco Back to School Issue

In the special back to school section of - the Costco Connection magazine - distributed across Canada, the United States, and United Kingdom - our President, Joanne Sallay, writes about how the use of a tutor can help your child succeed. The start of a new school year is a time of reflection for families, who are not only figuring out the supplies and physical gear needed, but extracurricular activities and academic support, too. Now more than ever, parents have questions about how tutoring can be of help this September and beyond. In this column, the most frequent questions the Teachers on Call team receives about both online and in-person tutoring are revealed, along with our responses to them. Advice and tips are also shared on the advantages of online tutoring, and how to make the most out of a tutoring session. 

A variety of outlooks are explored in how tutoring can be utilized as an effective tool for students from a diverse range of learning backgrounds. This column also sheds light on the parent perspective with the Bernardo family in Aurora, Ontario who turned to online tutoring at the start of the pandemic to support their son in a French Immersion program. From an expert lens, Ron Lancaster, professor emeritus in mathematics education at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, explains his professional views on the best time to start tutoring, especially connected to the subject of math. To view the full article, read on:

Article as seen in August 2022 issue – Special Back to School Section

Photography by Jennifer Allison from JSHUTTER Photography

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