Don’t Miss This Toronto Tutor Winning Big on Jeopardy!

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Don’t Miss This Toronto Tutor Winning Big on Jeopardy!

Trivia lovers unite, because Toronto Tutor Mattea Roach has been taking Jeopardy! by storm.

23-year-old Mattea Roach is from Halifax, a graduate of the University of Toronto in 2020, and currently living in the Toronto area. If you’ve been following Jeopardy! this past week, she doubled her earnings and is up to a win of $70,801 after Wednesday evening.

Don’t miss out on your chance to watch Roach continue to go head-to-head nightly on the show!

Ironically, Roach isn’t the only Toronto tutor to have had a guest appearance on Jeopardy! Michelle Cabral, one of Teachers on Call’s own, also had a hot streak on the game show back in 2018. She can attest to how one’s own personal exploration of diverse and interesting subjects can go a long, long way.

Cabral also had a special message to kids watching. “Don’t be afraid to be really passionate about stuff that you like. Don’t be afraid to want to learn more about particular things … Don’t be afraid of being intelligent and having a voice,” she told The Star.

So, take a tip from these two Toronto Tutors – learning and studying as much as you can about things can pay off big.

How can you study to be on the Jeopardy! show yourself one day? First, it helps to be a fan! Watch to see what subjects they cover. And make sure you read, read, read! You’ll need to know history, geography, science and more. Then you can go on and try their practice tests to see how you do.

If you want to see other Toronto talent in action on television, you might want to check out The Sentimentalists – a Toronto-area Mentalist duo who has been competing on Canada’s Got Talent.

Be sure to tune in and support your local Torontonians!

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