6 Reading Apps to Help Your Child Learn

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6 Reading Apps to Help Your Child Learn

When your child’s ready to start learning how to read, it can be challenging to find the best reading app or know where to begin. This list will get you started.

Reading and learning go hand in hand, and early literacy is a great way to get your child started. You might be wondering what programs and apps are out there to help with so many to choose from. We’ve set up a list of reading app recommendations from reputable groups who have been around for years.

Some are free, some have a small fee, and some are subscription, but there’s definitely something here for everyone!

Hooked on Phonics

Did it work for you? A great many of us parents used Hooked on Phonics to learn to read when we were our children’s age. It begins from practicing the different sounds that letters make and builds through working on reading confidence. This system is updated for a new digital age, with an app that comes with videos and progress tracking.


For more self-directed learning, IXL might be a great choice for your son or daughter. It’s broken down into skills by grade level, meaning you can systematically work through practice questions of every topic – or go straight to problem spots! Many teachers highly recommend IXL, and as a bonus you may have a free account set-up from your child’s school.


Covering reading and more, ABCmouse is an early educational resource with more than 10,000 learning activities. This subscription-based digital program is geared for children ages 2–9. While it is an American English app, parents who are interested in it can order in Canada through Amazon.ca.

CBC Kids Story Corner

For iOS users, you can curl up with CBC Kids' Story Corner and turn reading into an educational adventure for the whole family with interactive picture books from their virtual shelf. It’s a free app made for kids 5 and under, but there are lots of fun features like being able to personalize and save your own story.


This alphabet learning app allows kids to practice writing letters right on the screen. While it’s more a writing app, it gives kids a fun and interactive way to learn letters before they go to school – helping to give them a head start.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is more than just learning to read… it engages whole core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language and math. It’s supported with Circle Time YouTube Videos that have interactive stories and lessons, and lots and lots of fun printables. And amazingly, it’s free!

Happy reading!

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