Family Outdoor Activities for Summer to Get You Outdoors

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Family Outdoor Activities for Summer to Get You Outdoors

Get outdoors with these fun family activities that are all great summer picks.

    Did you know that getting outdoor time is super important for your eyesight? It’s true! Between rainy days, hot days, work, COVID and summer blahs, it’s easy to give into the urge to become a couch potato.

    Here are some great outdoor activities to get your family outside, enjoying some daylight for Vitamin D, and giving your eyes a chance to focus on things far away!

    (You also get some great exercise with many of these, so we call that a win-win-win.)

    Berry picking

    Learning where food comes from is DEFINITELY educational. Strawberry picking is on right now, and blueberries and cherries will be coming up soon! Be sure to google what U-Pick farms are near you.

    Engage in some water sports

    Ever want to try to paddle board? Is a canoe or a kayak more your style? Or would you rather just splash around and take it chill at a swimming beach? There’s definitely water play that’s for everyone, and it’s great to beat the heat.

    Picnic at the park

    It’s perfectly okay to kick back in the shade or enjoy some sunshine. Bring a book, a towel, and some snacks, and head to a park near you! Be sure that anything you bring in, you take out, or dispose of properly in receptacles, to keep it pleasant for everyone.

    Become one with animals at the zoo – or some local bird and animal conservatories

    The Toronto Zoo is mostly open for business, with just a few attractions still shut and social distancing measures in place. If you’d rather go someplace where there won’t be so many crowds, there’s many parks at the link listed above that also feature great places to watch birds or fish.

    Check out an outdoor festival

    Outdoor festivals are a great way to enjoy some fun, and we’re in the thick of festival season in Toronto. Carry a mask for thick crowds or slipping into nearby shops for drinks, and you’re good to go!


    Trails have been gradually opening up all over Ontario, meaning we can get back outside for excursions. There are dozens of beautiful trails all around Toronto. Have a look to find a new one to check out

    Scoping the drive-in movie theatre

    This might be a great end to a nice day outdoors… chillaxing in the car, watching a movie. Ontario Place is a great spot to go catch a drive-in movie. You can also check out City View. And there’s a few more located around the GTA well within driving distance. Go see what’s on! 

    We hope everyone has a wonderful time!

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