4 Activities Everyone Can Enjoy on the Easter Long Weekend While Maintaining Social Distance

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4 Activities Everyone Can Enjoy on the Easter Long Weekend While Maintaining Social Distance

Teachers on Call shares socially distanced Easter and spring activities for your family with the warm weather approaching.

Has spring fever set in for you yet? It’s been a long winter for many of us, and with the unexpectedly warm weather we’ve had, you might be raring to get moving and do something!

Whether your family is observing Easter, or just looking forward to the first long weekend of spring, we have some activities that will make you feel a little bit less couped up and a lot closer to everyone – all while maintaining your social distance.

Visit the Drive-In

The Ontario Place Drive-In theatre is open starting April 1, and it’s possible other theatres closer to you will be getting an early start to the season, too! With this jump start on the year, theatres can start showing a little bit earlier in the evening, making the drive-in a friendlier activity towards little viewers.

Play Virtual Bingo and Other Party Games with the Fam

If you’re missing a big get-together, organize a Zoom or Discord call to get everyone together for a party game. We’ve talked about Virtual Bingo before, but the Jackbox Party Packs are also a hilarious good time for up to ten players and more with audience participation. They have a whole bunch of different kinds of games for adults and kids alike. FYI - only the host (whoever is streaming it) needs to buy the Jackbox game. Everyone else can play for free (and the best part is, this is something you can set up for every weekend if you want).

Host a Family Contactless Easter Egg Hunt and/or Spring-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Your children will love this one! Print out a set number of giant easter eggs or other spring-themed objects, have the kids colour them, and then “hide them” in spots in accessible places in your yard!

Make family teams of all the participating households with one responsible Leader who will help groups maintain distancing. And make sure they’re equipped with a phone! Have the rest of the party – the Scouts – find the hidden printouts, and then have the Leader photograph them. First team who can send in all the pictures to the “judge” wins!

(It’s a great way to get some exercise, too!)

Have an Outdoor Spring Art Contest

It’s time to break out the sidewalk chalk and get your creativity on! Have kids from a few different households in your neighborhood draw everything they love about spring, and then be sure to visit each sidewalk to view the artwork, safely maintaining distance and still having time to chat and say hello to everybody.

Whatever activities you decide to do, be sure to stay safe and have a wonderful long weekend!

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