Virtual Bingo Night is all the Rage at Schools – Here’s How to Join In

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Virtual Bingo Night is all the Rage at Schools – Here’s How to Join In

Virtual Bingo Nights are a great opportunity for friends and family to stay in touch.  Here is how to set one up and why it is a great activity for large groups of people with social-distancing.

Many schools and parent councils are now hosting regular bingo nights online. This has provided a creative social-distancing activity for large groups of people, and a great way for kids and parents to stay in touch. With Easter coming up and spring fever setting in, you may be curious as to whether or not you can make virtual bingo nights work at home for your family, friends, or school. The answer is: yes!

What you need to make this work: the Bingo Maker app. (There may be other similar bingo apps out there, but this is the one we’re familiar with.) If having a virtual game night isn’t a big enough selling feature, here are more reasons why this is a great choice:

1 – It’s easy.

The paid* version of the app makes it easy for even people who aren’t tech-savvy to have fun – and it’s extremely reasonably priced too. It’s not possible to select wrong numbers on the card, and the Bingo Caller knows when cards have won. No child (or adult) needs to worry about verifying whether a Bingo win is valid!

Only the person who is setting up the hosting needs to register. All the other players can simply join the room with a password.

(*There’s a free version of the app for a daily game for up to 25 callers too, but it won’t validate the winners for you.)

2 – It’s educational.

For even the littlest players, Bingo is a great game because it fosters number and letter recognition.

3 – It has universal appeal.

Grandma and grandchild alike will have a great time playing Bingo. There are few games online that have such a wide age range of players who can enjoy it!

4 – It’s a great way to have large-scale community or family fun.

Many online games are capped between four to ten players. Virtual Bingo can accommodate large numbers, making it great for bigger groups.

5 – You can use it for fundraising events.

If your child’s school has been struggling this year with ways to fundraise in a socially responsible manner, setting up virtual Bingo with a small participation fee might be a great solution to generate funds. It’s also easy to attach local prizes to the winners of Bingo (e.g. a free pizza delivery!)

6 – Most importantly, it’s FUN!

Everyone can have a great time with virtual Bingo. People can set up fun backgrounds on their zoom calls and parent councils can seek out some great community prizes. It also provides an opportunity for fun chatting and catching up, too!

We hope you enjoy virtual Bingo as much as we do!

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