10 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School (Even at Home)

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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School (Even at Home)

In this post, Teachers on Call shares 10 activites to keep you child engaged for the 100th day of school.

By now, the 100th day of your child’s school year is coming up. This is a very exciting milestone for students to celebrate, especially for those in the primary and elementary grades.

You may be wondering how to keep your son or daughter involved in 100th day activities at home. These 10 activities will get you started!

Read a Book

We always love to recommend reading. Scholastic has some wonderful books to get your 100 Day Celebration started!

Have Pre-K and Kindergarten Students Watch Some 100th Day Songs

Singing along can be great fun, and there are tons of 100th Day Songs to get your child singing! From count-along, to dance along, there’s bound to be a show or two to get your child in the spirit of things.

String Them Up

Grab a package of craft beads from Michael’s (or similar), a length of knotted string, and have a perfect game for young learners, because they’re also working on sorting and fine motor control! Ask them to count out beads of the same colour in 10s and add them to the string, counting as they go. How many different colors will it take to make 100?

Get Some Writing Practice

Using the number 100 as a prompt, get writing! For example, have students complete the sentence: “I wish I had 100 ______ because ______.” Alternatively, you can ask them to list 100 things they’re thankful for, or so on.

100th Day Crown

Who wouldn’t want to be royalty for a day? With this paper crown tutorial, the 100th day of school – or any day at all, is bound to be a blast. You can find the part templates here. Once the parts are cut out, your child can decorate to their heart’s content!\

Roll the Dice

Have a die or two lying about? Print out this handy printable and play a game!

100th Day Would You Rather

It’s a safe bet that most parents have had to play the “Would You Rather” game. Time to turn the tables! Ask your child whether they’d eat 100 pieces of broccoli or do 100 sit-ups, and get sillier from there!

Make it.. Count

There’s no better way to celebrate 100 days of learning than to learn something extra just for the fun of it. Have your child pick any language that they don’t speak at school or home and learn it together as a family. You never know… you might just inspire your child to pick up another language for fun! How about learning how to count to 100 in ASL?

Go Shopping (Well, Virtually, At Least!)

If you had $100, what would YOU buy? This one can be a lot of fun for older kids, because they will need to add money and consider their purchases carefully. Have them tally up a few kinds of low to medium-cost products. Bonus work: make sure they don’t forget to consider taxes! And don’t use the cart function to tally it for you… that would be cheating! 😉

Get a Little Exercise on Break

100 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks, march in place for 100 steps, or even all of the above.

Have a happy 100th Day!

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