Great Math Apps for Online Learning

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Great Math Apps for Online Learning

Online learning comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to math. The math apps and websites we review in our post today can help kids master key math concepts – and they might just enjoy it, too!

With so many students participating in online learning right now, parents are not just parenting, they’re also teaching! And with many subjects, especially math, parents lack the confidence and/or the time to help kids practice their math skills as much as we might want. But never fear! There are so many great apps and online learning sites that can help kids not just practice their math, but also grow their love of math!

Here are the top online resources recommended by Teachers on Call online math tutors!

Toy Theatre (K-3)

Toy Theatre is a free site: no login or account required! It focuses on math foundations with interactive games and learning. A lot of the games are cross curricular too- for example you can practice math skills while making your own song or animation. They also have games for reading, art and music. The games are best for K-3, but there are activities on division and graphing so can work for reviewing those skills in higher grades.

I Know It  (K-5)

I Know It was designed for teachers, but anyone can create a free account. It’s a free site, is organized by grade and has a lot of interactive games that look like video games. This site is created by, which also has some great free printables.

Our online math tutors can also create a student account and play some of these interactive games with students to help guide them and track their progress!

Go Noodle! (Pre K-6)

Who said Math can’t be silly! Go Noodle focuses on learning through movement! Sign up for a free account and you have access to hundreds of videos as well as a learning app. They also have channels that focus on specific subjects/skills. Here’s a few video links to give you an idea: 

Lines and Angles

Round It Up!

IXL (Grades K – 12)

IXL is an app that offers personalized learning that can be driven either from the family side or be part of a teacher’s program. IXL offers a comprehensive curriculum for junior kindergarten to grade 12, gives personal guidance and analytics, and it can adjust its difficulty to meet your child’s needs. IXL works on both desktop and mobile platforms. Prior to signing up for a family membership, be sure to check if your child already has an account that has been paid for by his or her school.

Prodigy (Grades 1-8)

If engagement seems to be where your child is having a disconnect in learning math, Prodigy might be able to help. Extra math practice is built into a cute and fun game that rewards kids for learning and helps keep them interested! Like IXL, Prodigy is able to tune itself to your child’s learning level as they progress through a fantasy action game. They can also earn badges and avatars to reward their progress. Best of all, it’s free.

Khan Academy (Pre K – College, University and more)

Khan Academy is one of the original math apps – for everyone, not just kids! They’ve been helping people learn online since 2008 and have recently been in the news as Elon Musk gave them $5 million donation towards their program. One of the great things about Khan Academy is the ability to head directly to the kinds of problems where you’re having the most difficulty instead of working in a generalized grade level curriculum. There are explanatory videos and plenty of practice tests.

Khan Academy is 100% free and offers similar learning tools for other subjects besides math as well. 

Math apps can be a great way to get a little extra help, but they do have their downsides. But we all know there’s no app that can replace learning with a knowledgeable teacher!

All of our tutors are trained or retired teachers, familiar with the Ontario Curriculum, making sure that your child is learning exactly what they need to be working on, too. If you feel like your child could use a little extra help, consider reaching out to us.

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