Six Benefits of Using Online Tutoring for Students

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Six Benefits of Using Online Tutoring for Students

Tutoring is not new. But the challenges faced by our kids in schools right now are. And you might be pleasantly surprised by how much online tutoring can help kids face and conquer those challenges! Learn more about the benefits below.

Children are facing so much extra pressure socially and academically this year. For high school students, the quadmester system means there is less time to master concepts and to absorb and practice their learning. Students of all ages are missing connecting with people, and are in need of more space and time to work through their ideas. Isn’t it great then that online tutoring has so many benefits to help fill in the gaps?

Here are just a few of the benefits of online tutoring:

The Safety of Distance

You don’t have to worry about increasing your “social circle.” With all our tutoring sessions currently being held online, you can take comfort in knowing that these sessions can be held remotely and safely, protecting vulnerable family members, and keeping everyone healthy in these times.

Customized Learning

Every child learns differently. Sometimes a child just needs to know that they can have a little extra time to ask. It can be challenging for a child to advocate or request special time or assistance, and every child processes learning and questions in their own way.

With our online tutoring, children have access to an expert who can give them support while they work towards mastering a concept. They can have all the extra time and support they need to ask questions without stress or worry about what their peers may think.

Some students also thrive when they can interact with their course material in a different way- visual learning, learning through movement, and learning through conversation are all important learning modes that our online tutoring can help engage and foster!

Engaging Students

Did you know our online tutoring is also incredibly interactive? Our tutors use multiple digital and online learning tools to engage students- from online whiteboards, to games, to collaborative editing tools, any subject can be made to come alive for students in the online environment. When students are engaged and supported in their interests in a one-on-one environment, students can thrive. Online tutoring is innovative, cooperative, and meets the needs of today’s students.

Subject Expertise: French Immersion Support and More

Many parents who have children in French Immersion programs do not speak French themselves, and occasionally that poses some difficulty to children when they have questions about homework. We’ve got expert online tutors for that!  In addition to French, we have tutors who are specialized experts in everything from English to Math to Biology.

If your child is wrestling any subject, give us a call. We can help. And remember, tutoring can also benefit those students who are meeting their class expectations but need to be more engaged. Our online tutors can help those in need, and challenge those who want to grow even more!

Building Technology Skills

Technology can be really overwhelming for students of any age. Whether learning entirely virtually right now, or participating in-person but completing rich assignments, today’s students need to feel comfortable with technology.

Learning through online tutoring allows students to practice many of the skills they need for their current classrooms and for future career pathways in a safe cooperative learning environment with their tutor. They can practice screen sharing, using digital tools, and even evaluating online resources.

This will allow students to build confidence and independence for their classroom learning and assessments, and can improve their attitude and experiences at school!

The Ultimate in Convenience

As many have already discovered, online tutoring is extremely convenient. No travel is required, so inclement weather and traffic is never a concern. Social distancing isn’t required, so extra effort doesn’t have to be made to have a well-ventilated workspace or to protect others in the home. Tutoring hours also become more flexible and accessible.

Even if your family is outside of the Greater Toronto Area, or your family is away from home, online tutoring can “travel” to you, wherever you are. Physical distance is no barrier to online tutoring. All you need to participate is a tablet or laptop with internet connectivity.

We’re ready to help your child succeed! If you have any questions about the benefits or how online tutoring can best assist you, please feel free to reach out and contact us

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