Independent Activities for PA Days

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Independent Activities for PA Days

It can be tough to work from home when the kids don’t have school lessons to help occupy them. Without warm weather and face-to-face contact with friends, many parents feel guilty about looking towards game consoles or television screens for activities for kids in these times. Well, we’re here to help! We’ve got some great independent activities for kids that are great for PA days – or just anytime at all you need to focus on work.


If you loved doing puzzles, then great news: 1000-piece puzzles are back in! COVID has helped this activity stage a comeback. And really, who doesn’t love puzzles? There’s something so satisfying about finding pieces that fit together. It’s a great slow activity that everyone can enjoy at their leisure, alone or as a family. Find a coffee table or a seldom-used dining room table, and let it take over. You might find you enjoy putting in the occasional coffee break at the table yourself!

Educational TV

Hey parents: it’s okay to let the screen in sometimes. Streaming services have gone full-steam-ahead with offering content online of all kinds, and we are truly digging the amount of educational TV available! If you have a streaming device like a Roku stick or Apple TV, have a good time “channel surfing.” You’ll likely find CBC kids programming and other similar programming online for free.

Have paid streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime? We’ve done a number of posts on some great educational shows available on them to suit every need. Check out these posts just to get you started:

·        Encourage Girls in STEM with These Online Shows

·        Shows on Netflix That Can Help Your Child Practice French

·        Four Great Shows That Encourage Kids to Learn More

And as a bonus educational TV option, if you’re on Crave, they have SO many seasons of “How It’s Made” (we love this show).

Art Projects

PA days are a great time for kids to unwind with a little arts and crafts. From activity books with stickers, to colouring books, to full on crafting, now is time to break out the crayons and get busy. It’s great for fine motor coordination, after all!

And if you need a supply top-up, both Michaels and Staples are great with curbside pickup and delivery both, and there’s many other local options.

Home Ec at Home

Your child may actually be thrilled at the idea of “keeping house” while you’re working, especially if they think they’re being a big help. Why not give them a few age-appropriate things to do? Younger kids can help with items like gathering laundry, tidying, feeding pets, and starting the next grocery list (great writing practice).

Let tweens and older kids scope out recipe sites and Pinterest for dinner ideas and organizational tricks. Throw a few cooking shows in the mix too – students can benefit by getting to know their way around the kitchen, and you never know, you may end up with a Grilled Cheese gourmand who enjoys pitching in regularly.

Have a wonderful PA day!

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