Combine Math and Physical Exercise With These Games for Elementary Students

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Combine Math and Physical Exercise With These Games for Elementary Students

In many things, COVID has challenged a lot of parents and students to think outside the box. Inclement weather and being housebound means fewer opportunities to get in traditional sports activities. So these activities will help younger kids (and parents) get a little extra exercise indoors… with some bonus math and counting practice!

Here are some ideas to get you moving:

Calculator Hopscotch

Grab some sidewalk chalk or painter’s tape and clear space in the garage or an unfinished basement to resurrect this classic game with a rock, stick, or beanbag. Make the hopscotch grid like a calculator pad, including the operator symbols, and have kids hop between numbers and operators to make their answers! To make it more challenging, the number that the rock lands on should be avoided.

The smallest players can use the traditional hopscotch grid and simply count the steps aloud, but you can make fun variations based on the grade level of your child by counting in multiples. Have children who miss the box do a “saving throw” to keep their turn by answering a math problem! (Don’t know how to play Hopscotch? That’s okay: check out the rules here)

Geometric Yoga

Fun for the whole family – and great for balance and core strength! Have your children think of as many ways to demonstrate angles with their body (safely) as possible. For smaller children, have them demonstrate angles that are “acute,” “right” or “obtuse.” Challenge older ones with 0 degrees, 45, 90, and 180!

The ones who can do can do the most win!

Action Dice

For this activity, you’ll have to either make your own special activity die or repurpose a special die like one from a D&D set. If you want to make your own, write activities on the sides like jumping, sit-ups, spinning, and squats. Otherwise assign the special die’s numerical values to an activity on a separate piece of paper. Then grab one or two normal dice and get rolling!

Roll all three together to find out what activity and how many has to be done.

Dance Dance Transversal

If you have a child who loves Dance Dance Revolution, then this teacher-made geometry game will be a blast. All you need is a clear space on the floor and three lines of painter’s tape to get started. Spend a little extra time having kids learn the footwork, and then you can get dancing!

Check out the blog for detailed instructions on how it works, and variations on how to play.

Scavenger Shape Hunt

This game is especially perfect for preschoolers. Give them a list of shapes and have them collect objects around the house that are real representations of the shape! Rectangles, cylinders, and circles are easy… but triangles, ovals, and diamonds might be a little bit more challenging. Who can find theirs first?

For more ways to practice math, check out our posts on Hot Chocolate Bombs and keeping your skills sharp. We hope you’re having fun!

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