3 Math Resources for Parents Who Need a Little “Refresher”

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3 Math Resources for Parents Who Need a Little “Refresher”

It’s easy to help our kids with their homework when math questions look like 2+2. When classes start getting into long-division and geometry, however, it’s not unusual for parents to have forgotten how to do these sorts of problems themselves!

Don’t be embarrassed—just as with children, we tend to forget how to do things we don’t encounter on a regular basis. The good news is that it’s easy to get back into the groove with a quick refresher on the subject. If you find that your child’s math text or lessons approach the subject in ways that don’t seem familiar, you may find this list of math resources helpful since they’re more geared towards parents and adults.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:
Even if you do remember how to approach a problem or concept, there is a very real potential for confusion. It is a very common complaint from parents that the method teachers have adopted to teach math these days is so very different than the way that they learned things. NCTM produced a series of videos with the help of The Hunt Institute that explain how common core math approaches conceptual understanding. Understanding the aim of common core may help parents grasp how the lessons are supposed to work and ease frustration. There are resource collections for every education level too for further reading.

Help Your Kids with Math (Grade 3-6):
The years before middle school, kids can get into some of the darndest math problems. Trying to Google helpful answers can be a headache on its own, since so many math sites go “poof.” If you prefer having a book at your fingertips, we recommend Help Your Kids with Math!

Geared towards parents who may be wrestling with the math encountered most frequently in Grades 3 through 6, geometry and algebra, this book includes explanations and visuals to help clarify concepts. The updated version includes fractions, times tables, analogue clock reading and roman numerals as well!

Khan Academy (All ages through University):
Khan Academy is a free education site that has a math mission that guides learners from counting through calculus, with plenty of practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard. It’s a wonderful supplemental tool for kids as it is great for providing extra graded practice.

The downside is that like all online tools, it simply can’t encourage student accountability in practicing the same way a person will—and we at Teachers on Call know that diligence and regular practice is the key to having students truly master concepts. Still, though best used as a part of the overarching learning plan, Khan Academy is a great tool for parent empowerment and refreshment! It’s especially nice because you can navigate directly to the lessons on course material that your child is working on.

Homework time doesn’t have to be a stressful time! With these three resources, you’ll be well on your way to helping with basic math. And of course, our tutors are professional educators who are always standing by to give you and your child hands-on, customized tutoring help if you need an extra boost to succeed!

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