High School Success: Grade 9 Student Builds Better Organizational Skills & Study Habits

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One of the hardest parts of starting high school is learning to manage your time on your own. With the help of his Teachers on Call tutor, this grade 9 student was able to take control of his own learning, and excel.

Student Challenge & Goals

This grade 9 student struggled with his transition to high-school, including time management, organization, and study habits. While he is very bright, this individual felt poorly that he was falling behind in school by leaving homework and projects until the last minute.

Both parents and student felt that he should be achieving grades that matched his intellect and ability. Our joint goals were to build organization and planning skills to ensure that each assignment was accounted for, as well as more effective study habits were achieved.

How We Helped

We assisted this student by creating and modelling techniques with respect to utilizing calendars, agendas, and checklists. In addition to subject support in English and Social Science, our tutor allocated time each session to plan in advance for upcoming tests and school deadlines. Different study techniques were evaluated to determine which methods worked best for his learning style.

Student Results

The student has taken more initiative in terms of his own planning and organizing. He has demonstrated a deeper understanding of how he learns best and has crafted his own strategies outside of tutoring sessions to facilitate learning. The learner has been proactive in seeking extra help at school and showcased to his teachers a deeper investment in his studies. He is improving in subjects he finds challenging and is excelling as a writer and researcher.

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