What is Academic Coaching Tutoring?

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What is Academic Coaching Tutoring?

Teachers on Call shares how Academic Coaching tutoring can help strengthen students skills and become more effective learners.

What is an Academic Coach and how can they help out students?

Academic coaching is support in the following areas to help strengthen students skills and become effective learners.  Building strong skills can help students develop habits to succeed in school and reduce anxiety.  In particular, as students move through middle school and into high school, these skills become increasingly important.

Homework Skills: Our tutors work with students to prioritize homework based on the importance of each assignment and its deadline.  They also help set up a proper work space and routines in order for students to ultimately work independently.

Note Taking: Great note taking skills can help students develop strategies to layout their notes in their own words, formats and summaries.  For further note taking strategies click here.

Organizational Skills: Having strong organization and planning skills is key to ensure students have their papers, notes and other key materials in a convenient and easy to find location as they are studying and / or doing homework.  Also using an agenda or planner is key to a students success.

Time Management: Last minute exam cramming, forgetting homework can cause anxiety and reduced grades for students.  Through developing strong time management skills students can avoid procrastination, priortize, stay organized and on track to timelines.

Test and Exam Preparation: Students learn to study and prepare for specific tests and exams based on the materials.  Through the process they learn to ask the appropriate questions, make study notes and ensure they cover areas they are not familiar with.

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