Elementary School Success: Grade 1 Student Improves Reading & Comprehension

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After five months with his Teachers on Call tutor, this grade one student advanced six levels in reading, and improved his self-confidence too.

Student Challenge & Goals

Teachers on Call received a request for a grade 1 student who was working below grade level in reading and comprehension. His parents were concerned and wanted to provide extra help for their son. The overall goal was to bring him to grade level and build confidence.

How We Helped

During the first lesson, our tutor worked alongside the student to complete an overall assessment, which determined his reading level and next steps in order to meet this student’s individual’s needs. We also designed lessons based on his learning preferences and used appropriate strategies that corresponded with his learning style.

Student Results

In less than five months, the student was able to advance six levels in reading, which placed him in the above average category in reading and comprehension levels. His teacher was pleased with the progress and connected with the parents to inform them of his substantial academic growth. The parents were thrilled with the progress and commented that they have also seen an improvement in his confidence level. Moving forward, we are continuing to provide lessons personalized to individual needs and interest to ensure optimal growth and success for this student.

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