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Primary Students (Grades K-3)

Primary (K-3) Tutoring | Teachers on Call | GTA Tutors

The primary years in a student's educational journey is a time to master basics and build a foundation for future success.

  • I can’t say enough about how grateful I am. My son and his tutor clicked and it is thrilling to see. He used to complain when I said the tutor is coming but when he hears it now, no complaints just pure happiness. I think it is because she really gets him and because he has a complicated learning profile, her experience, knowledge and patience are outstanding. Thank you so much!
    - Dara Schwartz, Client

Tutoring for Primary Students

Grades K - 3   •   Ages 4 - 8

Positive early learning experiences with a caring tutor can have a profound and lasting impact on your child's long-term development. Proactive support in primary years provides the foundation for a successful school career with remediation or enrichment support.

Tutoring for primary students focuses on enabling children to build basic skills in reading, writing and math to master the curriculum for their specific grade levels and future years to come.

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Primary Student Tutoring | Teachers On Call | Toronto Tutoring

Primary Student Success Story

Elementary School Success: Grade 1 Student Improves Reading & Comprehension

Elementary School Success: Grade 1 Student Improves Reading & Comprehension

After five months with his Teachers on Call tutor, this grade one student advanced six levels in reading, and improved his self-confidence too.

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