Teachers on Call

Over the years we have found that a tutoring approach based on personalized instruction, individual attention, flexibility, ongoing communication and a focus on results is crucial to each student’s success.

Personalized Tutoring

  • Your personalized tutoring begins with a phone consultation that leads to your customized program.
  • We match your unique request with a qualified teacher who has the subject matter knowledge and the right personality to work with the student.
  • We provide you with tutorial services in all subjects, all grade levels, preschool through university.
Individual Attention

  • Our customized one-on-one tutoring is geared to work with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum.
  • We work directly with parents, classroom teachers, administrators, psychologists and special educators to support the student’s learning style and needs.
  • Throughout the tutoring assignment we are available for consultation and support.

  • We review the student’s availability and offer flexible schedules to fit your family’s active lifestyle.
  • Tutoring is provided in the convenience of your home or can be conducted at another location.
Ongoing Communication

  • Our tutors emphasize communication by keeping parents and students aware of progress throughout the tutoring process. Knowledgeable parents and students are essential for successful progress.
Focus on Results

  • We strive to have students build the skills and confidence they require to succeed academically.
  • We help students develop effective study habits and techniques essential for successful learning.
  • Our hope and vision is that while we are helping students achieve their academic goals, we are also preparing them to succeed in life.