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Making Math Fun with Apps

Student Math Apps

Parents are always looking for new ideas to help their children gain the math skills they need.  Fortunately, there are tons of fun and free apps for students to build their math skills.  And what better way to learn than to have children play games.  All you need is a smartphone or tablet.  These apps can help students build fundamental skills or practice their math fluency.

Check out some of these fantastic Math apps for children – focusing on elementary school students and four basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

Sushi Monster:  Scholastic’s app offers children multiplication and addition problems. They have to reach a target number by picking the correct factors and addends listed on different pieces of sushi. (Recommended for ages 6 and up).

IXL – Math and English: With over 4,000 skills in math and English language arts, students can find comprehensive, standards-aligned content for all grade levels. Interactive questions and virtual rewards create an engaging learning environment that motivates students to master skills and explore new topics.

Native Numbers: Native Numbers gives early learners a rich introduction to early numbers. The app starts by familiarizing kids with numbers in multiple representations (number rods, tallies, sets of animals, numerals, words, etc) – then it goes beyond awareness to help kids learn matching, relationships, order, and other core Number Sense concepts and skills.

Math Vs Zombies: This app teaches children to add, subtract, multiply, or divide one- and two-digit numbers. Students need to answer each question correctly in order to zap the zombies back into humans.

Zap Zap Fractions:  This app helps teach children the concept of fractions. It has two parts: lessons and challenges. Kids learn the concepts at the lessons, and then play games to test their knowledge and skill at challenge section.

Butterfly Math Addition: Through catching butterflies, this app teaches children counting and addition.  As kids answer the question right, kids get rewards of tiles to add to the coloring page, which also helps build their fine motor skills.

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5 Ways to Make Math Fun This Summer

Math Student

The summer break from is a wonderful time to have fun, play outdoors and take a break from school.   Unfortunately, students can fall into the ‘Summer Slide’ from not being active in learning and lose their Math knowledge from the prior school year.   Math doesn’t always have to be about worksheets and homework problems.    Summer can be a time to make learning fun for children.

Here are 5 great ideas to share:

1) Make Math an Outdoor Activity:  Why not enjoy the sun and learn as the same time.   There a ton of great games to play and learn outdoors for a variety of different age levels.    If your child loves colouring and art, don’t miss this list.

2) Use Real Life Examples:  Show your children how important addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is to every day life.   Next time you go grocery shopping, add up the items before the register.   If you are going to the bank, learn about financial literacy and count your savings or withdrawals.   Cooking or baking is a great time to learn about measurement.   Any driving trip can be a lesson in distance, time and counting.

3) Play Math Games: There are ton of great games to help prepare your son or daughter for the fall.  Below our some of our favourites:

  • Math Games / PBS Kids
  • What Coins Do I Have
  • Motion Math Games
  • Math Play – Online Games
  • Bounce Count
  • Number of the Week

To see our full list with descriptions, click here

4) Lego: Everyone loves playing with Lego, but there are great ways to use it for learning.  Lego teaches children fractions, arrays and mean, median and mode.   To see how Lego can be used with fractions, click on the video below:

5) Math Apps:  These are a great fun for children to learn in a fun and interactive way.  Below are some of our favourites for students of all ages:

  • Let’s Do Math
  • Math Drills
  • Motion Math Zoom
  • Elevated Math
  • Math Ref

To see our full list with descriptions and links, click here

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Making Math Fun for Your Child

Learning and developing Math skills is an important part of a child’s development and key to keeping future University or College opportunities available.  Yet many students find math challenging to learn and may frustrated as they work through their homework questions.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Math can be fun for your child and also for parents as they help provide support.   Here are some ideas to not only increase your child’s enthusiasm for math, but also build their skills for future success.

Make it Real Life:  When reviewing math questions, change up the words to make it fun.  For example, instead of using generic items like bricks, include fun items like cupcakes, baseballs, cars that your daughter or son will enjoy.

Include Math in Your Daily Activities:  Math occurs everywhere in our daily lives.  On the next road trip if your child asks when they’ll get there, mention the final time and ask how many minutes are left.  Or for high school students provide the kilometers and distances and ask how long it will be until the destination.   Another great opportunity is cooking.  Ask your child to measure all the different ingredients needed to bake a cake or create the meal.  Last, if your child loves sports use statistics like batting average, scores or goals.

Use Math Games:  There are tons of math games available for children of all ages.  With the increase in educational technology, there is no better spot to find fun and engaging math games than in apps for your computer or tablet.  Fortunately, we have a great list of helpful math apps to learn numeracy, arithmetic, geometry and algebra.   To see our list click here.

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5 Helpful Math Apps

When parents contact us for tutoring, one of the most common requests we receive is for support in Math.  Along with practice, reviewing the concepts and tutoring, Math Apps are a great way for children to learn in a fun way.   They also help reinforce ideas and concepts with different approaches and ideas.

Below are 5 Math Apps we would recommend for students of various ages.   These Math tools are a great starting point to learn numeracy, arithmetic, geometry and algebra and we recommend you add others to your collection.

Let’s Do Math:    Fun game to practice your addition and subtraction skills.

Math Drills:  fun environment that allows students to learn basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Motion Math Zoom: Master numbers, negatives, and decimals with this animal adventure! Motion Math Zoom features the world’s most interactive number line – kids have a blast exploring numbers as they gain a deep understanding of place value.

Elevated Math: Provides initial instruction or intervention on math topics that cover place value, estimation, large digit addition all the way through Algebra.

Math Ref:  Contains over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples to help your child with math. Use their expanding list of tools such as a unit converter, quadratic solver, and triangle solver to perform calculations.

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Math Tips from Our Tutors

With the back to school season in full swing, many students are beginning to receive homework and learn new skills.  When parents call for tutoring, one of the most common questions we hear is: How can I help my daughter or son with math?

With that in mind, below are some great Math tips from our tutors designed for students of all ages:

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Homework can be an opportunity for students to reinforce the concepts they learned in class.   Schedule a regular time and location so your child develops a routine they are comfortable with.
  • There are tons of excellent Math apps and games online to supplement learning in the classroom and help students of all ages learn different types of concepts

Connect Math with the Real World:   

  • Any opportunity parents have to emphasize math in the real world helps make the concepts more relevant
  • For younger children: consider measuring ingredients, counting the time and tracking scores of favourite sports teams.
  • For more older students: use algebra to figure out travel time, geometry for building projects and exponents for financial literacy.

Collaborate to Solve Math Problems Together

  • There are often times multiple ways to solve a math problem.   Be creative with your child to identify the different strategies they could use rather than focusing on the answer or a specific process.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions to you and their teacher.  Asking questions is an important part of the learning process and helps students build confidence.
  • As your child makes an error on a test or homework assignment – use that as a learning opportunity.  Work together to learn the logic behind the mistake and how the math problem can be done correctly in the future.

Ensure Students Have a Strong Base

  • For younger students, use math apps and flash cards to practice areas like multiplication tables
  • As students move into more senior grades, having a strong knowledge of prior math concepts like algebra becomes increasingly important  
  • As you are working with your child, challenge them to ensure they do not only focus on the answer, but what the answer means and the process they went through to calculate it. 


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