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French Apps – Recommendations From Our Tutors

Child Learning French

For those of us who aren’t bilingual, teaching French can be tricky, particularly with French Immersion.  Fortunately, with the help of educational technology, learning a second language can be fun.   Parents and students can use apps to improve on their words, very conjugation and counting.

We’ve reached out to our French tutors to get their feedback on the best apps for children and parents to use.   Here are five of their favourites:

1) Learn French by MindSnacks:  9 games designed for essential vocab & conversation skills. The app keeps things interesting with rich and unique games designed to help memorize words, practice verb conjugation, and learn word gender. Plus, native speaker audio clips will help make those tough French pronunciations as breezy as a walk through Paris.

2) Lately Lily: Paris for a Day!: Pack your suitcase, hop on a plane and learn some French in Paris.  Includes 4 different activities to learn common words with unique illustrations.

3) Frenchie Teachie: Learn French the fun way: with easy and fun games. More than 230 words and their article in 12 different games.

4) Verb Trainer: Search any verb in French or English, choose a tense and you will get a list of conjugations.

5) Gus on the Go: French for Kids: Join Gus, the friendly owl, as he travels around the world and explores languages. Your child can learn basic vocabulary concepts with interactive visual and auditory lessons on numbers, colors, shapes and more. Each lesson review unlocks an exciting vocabulary game that reinforces what your child has learned.





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How to Learn French Online

Learning a second language can be a valuable asset for students both in school and in the real world.   In the Ontario School Curriculum students can learn French as a Core Subject or through French Immersion, depending on their interests and ability to grasp new languages.

There are also numerous opportunities for students to learn French outside the classroom.  In addition to French Tutoring, there is a ton of great French activities and online learning through educational technology.

Below are some great online resources and Apps to help your daughter or son learn French.

French Online Resources

French Games: Website for children to learn French. It has a full set of free lessons, games and tests with over 100 topics – both beginner and intermediate.

Language Lab:  BBC game designed to learn French with Roller and his mates.

Use Google in French: Test your French language knowledge through searches on the Google France website.

French for Kids: A YouTube channel with videos to help children learn French in a fun and engaging way.

French Apps

Learn French: Play French games to build essential vocabulary & conversation skills.

French Verbs: Learn about French verbs and their conjugation.

French Language Learning: Provides a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn French.

French English Dictionary: Allows students to extend the dictionary, phrasebook and verb conjugator into comprehensive reference tools.

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