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Reflecting on the School Year

The school year is coming to a close.   After a busy year, the last couple of weeks of school are a wonderful time to reflect on what your child has learned, their successes and opportunities for the summer and year ahead.

Here are some conversation starters to have with your child to stimulate dialogue.

1) What school year accomplishment are you proud of the most?

2) Are there are new skills or strategies that you learned during the year?

3) What project or homework assignment are you the most proud or excited about?

4) What are three things you did this school year to help your classmates?

5) What there something you did not know at the start of the school year, but you know now?

6) What did you learn from your biggest challenge?

7) If there was something you could change this year, what would it be?

8) Did you have a favourite part of the day in class?

9) Were there any surprises this school year?

10) Did you have a favourite story or novel in English class?

11) Was there a Science lab or experiment that you enjoyed the most and why?

12) What was the funniest thing that happened?  End the school year on a positive note!

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20 Ways To Celebrate The End Of The School Year

The end of the school year is the perfect time to reflect on goals and enjoy all the wins and changes from a year of learning. We’ve gathered twenty ideas to help you and your child celebrate all their accomplishments and make the start of summer epic.

1. Create a countdown calendar to pump up excitement during the last month of school.

2. Look back through the agenda, binders, and notebooks to see all of the great things they’ve accomplished this year.

3. On a big piece of paper list or draw all the knowledge gained over the year. Pin it up in the house so everyone can see!

4. Plan a family show and tell to share favourite pieces of work and accomplishments.

5. Write a letter to the homeroom teacher list their most significant accomplishments. These are the notes they’ll keep forever.

6. Choose favourite pieces of work and put them into a scrapbook or a notebook.

7. Pick a favourite art piece and hang it up.

8.  Write notes or make pictures to each teacher telling them what they enjoyed the most.

9. Buy a book, inscribe it, and donate it to the school library.

10. Make friendship bracelets and give them to classmates.

11. Predict all the new things they’ll learn next school year. Write them down.

12. Choose a favourite piece of work and share it with a family member who lives far away—either mail it or use Facetime!

13.  Go on an educational field trip to celebrate!

14. Make a summer bucket list full of activities to look forward to once school’s out.

15. List 20 fun ideas to celebrate the last day of school.

16. Find ways to serve others at school with acts of kindness.

17. Visit the library for a pile of books to enjoy once school is out.

18. Make a memory collage highlighting the year.

19. Start an end of the year tradition. Blow bubbles, plan a special meal, or an outing to look forward to every year.

20. Create a top ten list of the school year.

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Avoid Spring Distractions and Finish the School Year Strong

Finish the School Year Strong

Victoria Day weekend is approaching, the sun is out and the days are getting longer.   There are only weeks left of school.

However, with summer coming soon, students can often step back and lose focus.  With exams around the corner and report cards following shortly, it is important for students to finish the school year strong and avoid distractions.

With several weeks left, students have time to make improvements through end of year assignments, tests, homework and final exams to bring up their marks.

Here are some tips to stay focused and finish the school year strong:

Celebrate Success: Look back through your agenda, binders and notebooks to remind your child of all the great things they have accomplished this year.   With the opportunity to be distracted from other things, it may help renew their drive to succeed.

Set Goals: With several weeks remaining, set goals for the remainder of the school year and make a realistic plan to achieve them.  This will also encourage students to start thinking about next school year and help avoid the summer slide.

Use the Weather to Your Advantage: The nice weather can be a distraction, but there is nothing wrong with getting fresh air while continuing to study.

Ask for Help: With projects due and exams coming up, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or a tutor for help.

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Tips to End the School Year Successfully

Almost one month to go until the school year ends.   While the weather is getting warmer and summer break is just around the corner, it is important for students to not lose their momentum in the classroom.

Here are some tips to help your child and family finish the school year successfully.

Keep Up Routines:   The warmer weather, longer days and summer approaching can cause families to move off their school year routine.  It is important to enjoy the outdoors while balancing remaining school year commitments.  Similar to the beginning of the school year, we would recommend revisiting your family’s after school and evening schedule for the remaining weeks to stay on track.

Review Prior Report Cards:  Review prior report cards and chat with your child about what subjects and areas are going positively and which ones they have concerns.   This will help ensure no surprises at the end of the school year.  Also, use this opportunity to think about academic goals for next school year and opportunities to start working on them.

Anything Outstanding? Check with your child if they have anything outstanding and review their agenda.  If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to their teacher to check in.   If you find anything overdue or requires completion soon, we would suggest working on developing strong organization and study skills.

Exam Prep:  Preparation in advance, effective study notes and focus are important to ensure exam success.  For further tips, click here.   If you find that exams can cause stress, we would also suggest reviewing our tips of coping with stress during exams.

Be Positive: After a long school year, it can be challenging to stay positive in the final stretch.  Celebrate your child’s success through the school year and look at any setbacks as learning opportunities to move forward.   Use the remaining weeks to teach responsibility and how rewarding it can be to end the school year successfully.

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5 End Of Year Questions for Teachers

With the warm weather finally here and summer vacation approaching, it means that the school year is close to finished.

Once the school year is complete, parents receive and review their child’s report card and along with it feedback from the school year.  However, for many families reviewing your son or daughters progress in the summer can leave you with unanswered questions and uncertainty on their preparation for the next grade level in the fall.

That is why parents should consider having a discussion with the teacher prior to the end of the school year.  We have put together these helpful questions as a starting point :

1) Overall, how was his or hers progress throughout the school year?

2) What areas went well and where is there opportunity to improve?

3) How was my child’s interaction with their classmates?

4) What are some recommendations for his or her teacher next year?

5) How can I continue to support my child’s learning over the summer?


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5 Study Tips for the Spring Stretch

After a cold and snowy winter, spring is finally upon us! With the end of the school year fast approaching, key assignments, final projects and exams are on the horizon.

With sunny days after school and extracurricular activities in the weekly calendar, it can often be challenging for students to stay focused towards the end of the school year. Fortunately, Teachers on Call has put together some spring study tips that students of all ages can use to help them succeed.

Here are the five most helpful study strategies that come highly recommended by our team:

Get Organized: This is an area where many students struggle.  Strong organization skills help students keep track of their extracurricular commitments, homework,upcoming assignments, and tests.    Although agendas are handed out by the schools in the fall, they are often abandoned by this time of year.  If your son or daughter can’t find their agenda, do not fret. Rather, encourage them to prepare timetables to get them through this final stretch.  This will help them budget their time for studying and to mark down key academic dates. Colour coding of dates and subjects is often a helpful study strategy, so time to dig out the highlighters.

Stay on Schedule:  Students learn best when they review their materials and homework consistently and over time.   We recommend that your son or daughter has a balanced schedule that takes into account their homework, activities, and free time.   If there is a larger assignment due, minimizing procrastination habits is important.  Have your learner plan ahead and work backwards from the due date, and divide up the larger task into smaller blocks by day or week.

Set up a Study Friendly Area: Each student learns differently and it is important to have a study space that works best for them.   From our experience, a clean, well lit space with school supplies close by works best.  Also, try and avoid distractions like cell phones and TV to allow your son or daughter to stay focused.

Make Time for Breaks: The spring can be a stressful time of year for students, especially at the high-school and post-secondary levels.  Study breaks are vital for mental well-being.  Encourage a walk in the park or viewing of a favourite TV show for a reward.  The important thing is after the break that the studying resumes.

Communicate with Teachers: As your daughter or son faces any challenges with their schoolwork or are seeking enrichment opportunities, discuss with the classroom teacher.  This will help to ensure your child has a successful school year, and is positioned to start the next academic year strong.  Some parents may opt to ask for recommendations to keep students engaged over the summer months.

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