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Top 100 Finalists for Superpower your School Contest

Earth month

Earth Day Canada and Staples Canada have announced the top 100 finalists for their annual Superpower your School contest. Check out the list of 100 eco-conscious finalists from schools across Canada. Is your child’s school one of them?

The final judging, led by a panel of volunteer organizations interested in sustainability, is taking place in the weeks leading up to Earth Month. The ten winners will be announced in early April- five elementary and five secondary schools.

Common themes among last year’s winners include solving a community or environmental issue and environmental activism-view the eco-champions here. Deb Doncaster, President, Earth Day Canada, says, “Through projects and programs like these, we are getting closer to a safer and eco-friendlier environment, which in itself is something to celebrate.”

Winning schools each receive a $20,000 Staples shopping spree for new technology products. David Boone, CEO, Staples Canada says,“It’s a great pleasure for us to award the next generation of environmental leaders with the equipment they need to keep growing and learning to be environmentally responsible.”

We’re looking forward to viewing the winning innovative projects. Stay tuned!

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A Special Initiative for all Eco-Schools


Does your child go to an Ontario eco-school? If so, this Superpower your School Contest is an initiative you’ll want to share with them.

Schools who make earth-friendly practices a priority will love the opportunity to enter for a chance to win one of ten prizes of $20,000 worth of new technology from Staples Canada.

Earth Day Canada and Staples Canada have partnered together for eight years and during this time have awarded 80 eco-conscious schools technology to help nurture their love of the earth through learning.

How can a school win?

Keen eco-schoolers should work together to showcase a special environmental project their school community has been involved in or their overall eco-efforts. Certificates, data, photos, and results all help tell the story.

For inspiration on what to share, eco-champions should be sure to check out last year’s winners. There were common themes amongst the winners, such as solving a community or environmental issue and environmental activism. Some of the winning projects included: helping people grow their own food, awareness campaigns and media to address the changing environment, and student involvement in conservation practices.

Interested schools can enter the contest, here until January 31st.

How can a school start making positive environmental changes?

Start small and grow!

  • Create an in-school awareness campaign about school lunches
  • Start a boomerang lunch program
  • Plan to revive the school garden
  • Design a playground to have more natural space and make a plan to include these elements
  • Plan all school trips to be outdoor trips

Plus, read our list of four more ways to go green all year long.

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4 Ways To Practice Going Green All Year Long

Earth Day

After a long winter, celebrating Earth Day feels like a fun way to kick off a return to sunnier days and the promise of warmer weather.

Schools often plan Earth Day events which take students outdoors to clean up the community, plant trees or prepare a school garden. There may even be an assembly or two, with eco-fashion shows, recycling skits, and student-driven public service announcements.

It’s no wonder that following all their Earth-focused learning in April that students come home filled with excitement and sometimes anguish over the Earth.

How can we take the passion for the planet, they exhibit during Earth Day activities and ignite them all year long into eco-warriors?

We asked Sara Vartanian, the founder of the green lifestyle site Green Moms Collective for four tips on how we can turn going green into fun yet educational learning for kids. Here’s what she had to say:

Get Outdoors as Much as Possible

Beyond the physical and mental benefits of being outside, children should have regular experiences with the outdoors in order to care about the Earth. Without this connection, how will they begin to understand why it’s so important to care about protecting it?

You don’t have to plan a camping trip to enjoy nature (although that can be fun), head to a local green space, conservation area or even a park. The more your child can adventure outside, the more likely they will develop a love for nature.

Teach Kids How to Give Back to The Earth

Plan a family brainstorm session or two to gather your children’s ideas on how you can take care of the planet. Here’s a few ideas to help inspire you:

  • Plant a butterfly garden

  • Join in community environmental initiatives

  • Host a toy, clothing, or book swap

  • Read books and watch movies about the Earth and share their knowledge with others

Grow Your Child’s Food Literacy

Visit farmer’s markets or pick-your-own farms so your child can meet the people who grow their food as well as choose food fresh from the farm.

If a market visit is not a possibility then a trip to the grocery store works, too. While shopping, point out local food signs in the produce section and discuss with your child why they may want to choose these foods. Consider adding a regular ‘local food’ dinner as part of your family’s meal plan.

There are plenty of eco-minded discussions you can have with your child about food including talking about buying in bulk, packaging and food waste.

Encourage Your Child to Care for Their Items

An easy way to ‘go green’ is to buy stuff that lasts and keep it a long time, too. Model the importance of taking care of your items and notice when your child does, too.

Talk with your child about how reusable items cut down on waste. School lunches are a great place to start.

Assuming you’ve already invested in reusable lunch gear, help your children take care of their stuff by making it easier to keep track of with name labels. Eco-friendly lunch gear isn’t cheap to buy but if it’s not lost, it lasts year-over-year.

Teaching kids about the small and big things they can do to make a difference in the world will help empower them to feel like their voice and actions matter.

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Spring Educational Activities in Toronto

After a cold and snowy winter, let’s celebrate that spring is finally here!   With the sun out and the temperature warming up, there are a ton of great educational and fun activities that families can take advantage of in Toronto.

Attend Events:   There is no shortage family-friendly activities in Toronto.   Here are some of our favourites:

TIFF Kids digiPlay Space:   At TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace, kids can engage with emerging creative media technologies and share innovative artistic experiences.

Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival:  Tap into spring and visit the Kortright Centre in Woodbridge or Bruce’s Mill in Stouffville to enjoy great maple syrup and fun crafts and family activities.

Sesame Street Presents: The Body: An amazing educational attraction featuring Elmo, Oscar, Grover and the rest of your Sesame Street friends.  This interactive exhibition teaches students how their bodies work and how to keep them healthy as they hop, jump, run and play their way through this hands-on Sesame Street adventure.

Sign-up for Programs:   Whether it is the arts, sports or personal hobbies, there is an activity for every child in Toronto.   Consider which activities are right for your child’s interests, schedule and personality.  There are many great resource sites in Toronto with a listing of activities including: Help We’ve Got Kids, The Kid Scoop and Toronto4Kids.    

Enjoy Nature:  With the leaves returning on trees, flowers blooming and animals out from hibernation, the spring season presents fantastic learning opportunities.   The best to learn about nature is to enjoy the outdoors go on a nature walk in a Toronto Park.  To truly capture the experience, bring a note pad and pencil to gather observations, crayons or coloured pencils to draw pictures and a camera to make a scrapbook.     Also don’t miss Earth Day on April 22 to learn about the importance of the environment and protecting our planet.

Learn About the Science of Sports:  The Baseball season opens in late March.  Not only is attending baseball game a fun time to spend with your daughter or son, it also present numerous learning opportunities.   Think about geometry with the layout of the field, gravity with the ball going up and down, friction with the different types of pitches, momentum with the contact of the ball and statistics to measure players performance, to name a few.

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