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Preparing for High School Course Selection

Course selection provides an opportunity for you to reflect with your daughter or son about their interests, strengths and abilities.   It is also a good time to for you and your children to discuss their future goals and aspirations.

We have included some tips that may be helpful for you and your children on selecting their courses.

Engage your Child

  • Communicate about their strengths and weaknesses and if need be follow-up with their current teacher(s) to gain additional insight
  • Discuss what s/he would like to do after high school and what courses they would need to achieve their goals
    • Create a plan/timeline with your child
  • Avoid having your child being influenced by their friend’s course selection
  • Understand whether the Academic or Applied course format better suits their learning style and future goals

Investigate Options

  • Understand the Ontario Secondary School graduate requirements
  • Review the school’s course calendar to determine what courses are offered
  • Learn which courses have prerequisites that must be previously earned
  • Review the course curriculum
  • Discuss with other parents and/or students who have taken these courses previously and are following similar career paths

Utilize Education Professionals

  • Make an appointment with the school guidance counsellor to provide information and advice
  • If applicable, inquire about special education specific course support
  • Attend high school open houses and ask questions about course options
  • Talk to soon-to-be teachers about what your son or daughter can expect in their class
  • Visit University/College websites and fairs to learn about prerequisite high school courses needed for specific programs


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