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How to Help Your Child Concentrate and Stay Focused

Technology has many advantages to support learning and education.  However, with too much technology children can become distracted and have trouble sitting still and staying focused.  This may cause them to struggle with finishing their tasks (ie. homework, studying, completing a project) in a successful manner.

Fortunately, there are numerous strategies that parents can use to help their child stay focused, including with the increased use of technology.  Here are some we would recommend:


Keep Distractions to a Minimum

While limiting all distractions is impossible, try to work with your child to limit the use of key items like TV and smartphones including viewing emails and text messages.   If there is another person in the house listening to music or watching TV, make their workspace as far away from them as possible and kindly see if they can keep the volume at a lower level.


Participate in Activities and Sports

Exercise and activities have been proven to simulate the brain and increase levels of concentration and focus.   Before starting any schoolwork, we would encourage children to engage in any exercise or activities like walking home from school, participating in afterschool sports or joining a club.   Our article Sports: a Winning Formula for Kids provides great insights in this area.


Lead by Example

Children look up to parents as role models and follow what they say along their non-verbal habits.    If you are looking for your child to focus on their homework and studying, practice what you preach and avoid spending too much time personally watching TV or using your Smartphone.   Instead, make your own ‘homework’ including paying bills, catching up on work or enjoying any personal reading.


Leverage Educational Partners

Both teachers and tutors can provide helpful insights on your child and different techniques they can use to increase their concentration and focus.  They also might bring up any additional insights that you might not be aware of.  We would encourage you to continue ongoing discussion to develop any strategies or techniques for your child.


Build Strong Organizational Skills

Work with your child to build the following organizational strategies into their daily routine:

  • Using an agenda to write down homework, assignments, tests and exams
  • Set a place in your home for studying.  Keep that space tidy and organized with materials that are readily accessible and easy to find
  • Making a to do list including the expected time to complete tasks and their priorities


Adapt to Your Child’s Learning Style

Each child learns differently and has their own unique learning style.  Collaborate with your child to see what approach works best for them and their study style to stay focused on completing their tasks with success.

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