Doors Open Waterloo Region Community Spotlight with Rogers tv, Cable 20

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Doors Open Waterloo Region Community Spotlight with Rogers tv, Cable 20

Doors Open Ontario is popular with enthusiasts looking to explore the rich heritage of their city or somewhere new. Our in-person and online tutoring team especially appreciate the educational elements of these events that are offered to the public, with no cost or reservations required. We are big believers in promoting career exploration with students, and Doors Open weekends are the perfect venue for this. Participating sites often include local businesses, non-profit organizations, and museums, all staffed with professionals and volunteers ready to answer questions. Some examples of community members you may meet include firefighters, engineers, and architects – just to name a few. Doors Open Waterloo Region is taking place Saturday, September 16, 2023, with 20 in-person sites in Ayr, Cambridge, Kitchener, Linwood, Millbank, St. Jacobs, and Waterloo. In this group, Rogers tv, Cable 20 is participating for the first time by providing an exclusive experience to get an inside look into the exciting profession of broadcasting with a studio tour, simulation booth and chance to hobnob with their TV personalities. Read on for our president’s interview with them!

What is Doors Open Ontario and how does it work?

Throughout April to October 2023, participating cities across Ontario are opening a range of historic buildings and attractions to the public on designated weekends, all in partnership with Ontario Heritage Trust, local businesses, museums, heritage sites and volunteers. Often, many of these locations do not open their doors to the public – or let you go on exclusive behind the scenes tours.

Since it’s unlikely to visit them all in one day or two, our online and in-person tutoring service is spotlighting participants this September and October from each participating community.

Teachers on Call’s Waterloo Region Community Spotlight

There is no shortage of locations to visit and learn about during the Doors Open events, and the best part is: they’re completely complimentary and do not require reservations. In this blog, we’re featuring Doors Open Waterloo Region with 20 in-person sites to discover, including Rogers tv, Cable 20, located at 85 Grand Crest Place, Kitchener, Ontario N2C 2L6.

Kelly Spencer, Doors Open Waterloo Region Coordinator, proudly shares, “Rogers tv continues to be an excellent community partner in the Doors Open Waterloo Region event. During the three-year period (2020 - 2022) of digital programming due to the pandemic, Rogers tv was keen to work with us to feature our video content on their platforms and provided valuable ideas and expert advice. We are so pleased to showcase their important work in the community during our first in-person event since 2019. They have organized an ambitious and immersive offering for visitors during Doors Open Waterloo Region on September 16.”

Read on for our interview with the Rogers tv, Cable 20 creative team.   

An Interview with Rogers tv, Cable 20

For anyone looking to tour your studio for the first time, what can they expect?

Discover the world of broadcasting as you step into our OHL simulation booth, meet our talented Rogers TV hosts, take an exclusive studio tour, and even practice reading a newscast.

It’s great to see you listed as a new participant to Doors Open Waterloo Region. What do you have in store for visitors?

Tour the heart of broadcasting excellence and step into the world of TV magic. Try your hand at play-by-play or color commentary for a Kitchener Rangers game in our OHL simulation booth.

Ever dream of being a news anchor? Take the challenge and read a newscast using our teleprompter. Feel the thrill of breaking news!

Explore behind-the-scenes as we take you through our mobile studio and control room. See the tech that brings our shows to life.

Discover exciting volunteer opportunities and meet the charismatic hosts of our local TV shows. Capture the moment in our fun-filled photobooth!

But wait, there's more! Our Rogers retail group will be there with fantastic promotions on Rogers services. Learn about Crime Stoppers Waterloo Region and enjoy the melodies of the Waterloo Region Police Chorus.

In addition to this Doors Open event, are there other tours and experiences at your studio?


Do you offer educational tours for classroom field trips during the school year?

Yes, we offer a limited amount each year and they can be booked through our Community Engagement Specialist at

What types of career opportunities are available for students to explore in communications?

The media and communications industry is constantly evolving with advancements in technology, so staying updated with the latest trends and tools is crucial. Additionally, networking and gaining practical experience through internships or freelance work can be highly beneficial in this field.

The field of media and communications offers a diverse range of career opportunities across various platforms. Here are some of the key roles and career paths you can pursue:

1. Journalism:

  • News Reporter/Journalist
  • Investigative Journalist
  • Multimedia Journalist (reporting through various formats like text, audio, video)
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • News Editor

2. Broadcasting:

  • News Anchor/Presenter
  • Radio Host/Presenter
  • TV/Radio Producer
  • Program Director
  • News Director

3. Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications:

  • PR Specialist/Manager
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Crisis Communication Specialist

4. Advertising and Marketing:

  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Media Planner/Buyer
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Brand Manager

5. Digital Media:

  • Digital Content Creator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Web Developer

6. Film and Television Production:

  • Film Director
  • Film/TV Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Film Editor
  • Production Assistant

7.  Photography:

  • Professional Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Wedding/Event Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer

8. Graphic Design and Visual Communications:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Illustrator

9. New Media and Multimedia Production:

  • Multimedia Producer
  • Interactive Media Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Developer
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Developer

10. Content Strategy and Copywriting:

  • Content Strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Technical Writer
  • Scriptwriter

For interested high school students, what types of volunteer roles are available at Rogers? How do they apply?

Rogers tv offers a variety of volunteer, co-op, and unpaid internship opportunities. There are a variety of crew positions at our studio and on our mobile, and we provide comprehensive training and workshops. Anyone interested in being a part of our team can apply at

We hope you enjoy learning about Rogers tv, Cable 20 and the field of media and communications. If you are interested to visit additional sites on Saturday, you can access the full list through the official Doors Open Waterloo Region website.

Not to fret if you don’t live near Cambridge, Kitchener, or Waterloo. If you live closer to London, Peterborough, or Quinte West, you are in luck, as their Doors Open events are taking place the same weekend. Check out our community spotlights with Doors Open London and Doors Open Quinte West.

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