Teachers on Call Featured in Inc. Magazine

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Teachers on Call Featured in Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine toured some of the most significant entrepreneurial events of 2022, including the Web Summit, EY’s Strategic Growth Forum, and Inc. 5000.  Many of these events happened in the last several weeks. In their recap, Inc. Magazine's contributor, John Hall, shares the impressions received from many of the featured entrepreneurs, including Teachers on Call.

      In case you missed the news about our own Joanne Sallay winning a place among the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, be sure to read it here! This year’s winning women were officially recognized during EY’s Strategic Growth Forum® (SGF) in November.

      With so many impressive entrepreneurs and businesses featured at these prestigious conferences, Teachers on Call is thrilled to have found a place of recognition in Inc. Magazine’s article How Growth-Stage Companies Are Thriving In A Down Economy. Writer John Hall believes that the conferences show many signs of entrepreneurs’ altruism, promising growth, and the ability to address real-world problems.

      Hall also believes that not only are entrepreneurs demonstrating viable business models, they’re bringing an upbeat attitude to the table that is defying the depressive sense from the media.

      “I was struck by the stark contrast between event organizers, sponsors, and attendees and the doom and gloom we read daily in the headlines,” writes John Hall. “I was surrounded by people excited to share their experiences, innovations, and hopes for the immediate future.”

      Be sure to read the full article to find out how he believes many entrepreneurs are increasingly finding niche opportunities, providing talent to address staffing issues, and finding success measured by their purpose.

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